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Explore the Bespoke Features of Voyager

Explore the Bespoke Features of Voyager

From the very beginning, Equity Estates has dedicated itself to providing meaningful investment and vacation opportunities for the benefit of our investors. One of the cornerstones of our commitment is Voyager, our investor-only online portal. Voyager is an innovative and ever-evolving platform crafted specifically to enhance the Equity Estates experience. It is continuously updated with real-time insights and fresh features aimed at elevating our investors’ experience. 

Our Chief Technology Officer, Jonathan Zufi, feels Voyager enjoys unique qualities that set it apart from the rest. “It’s tailored to the Equity Estates model, offering investors real-time information and seamless reservations while ensuring fairness for all.” Voyager allows investors to explore residence descriptions, reviews, and captivating photography. Investors may request specific Cancellation Watchlist notifications, access essential documents, and manage their reservations effortlessly. 

The Trip Planning feature streamlines detailed itinerary customization. To Brittany Confer, Manager of Member Services, this feature is a standout, as it “enables investors to collaborate directly with their Travel Concierge and Residence Manager on trip details and request bookings at any stage of the planning process.” 



User-friendliness is paramount in Voyager’s design, ensuring smooth interactions. “We’ve put a lot of effort into our user interface to ensure every online experience our investors have is concise, and easy to navigate,” emphasizes Jonathan. 

Users praise its simplicity. “It’s incredibly intuitive says Brittany. “We also provide informative videos to assist investors in getting started, and our Account Managers are always ready to offer a demo if needed.” 


Everything is Just a Touch Away

Voyager digitizes and stores trip details for easy access, making it a valuable tool at every stage of vacation planning. Whether you’re adding reservations or making changes on the fly while at your destination, Voyager is your go-to resource.  

During a trip, Voyager provides quick and easy access to itinerary details and contact information for the Local Host if needed. Many investors even plan their next trip while in residence, making Voyager an invaluable companion during their vacation. 

“Our investors appreciate having information at their fingertips,” Brittany notes. “They value the ability for self-service, especially the speed with which they can access Voyager on their phones to make a reservation when they receive a Cancellation Watchlist notification.” 


The Future of Voyager

Voyager continues to evolve alongside Equity Estates. The platform sees new features, improvements, and optimizations (for both internal staff and investors) every month. And plans for additional updates are always in the works. 

Soon, investors can expect iterations and improvements on Voyager’s mobile experience with enhancements so investors will be able to easily browse and search for content related to all aspects of the residence and destination they are visiting—including amenities, weather, travel advice, transportation logistics, and more. 

At Equity Estates, Voyager is your passport to a world of unparalleled luxury, convenience, and personalized experiences. We’re here to make your investment and vacation journey exceptional at every step.