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The Cancellation Watch List is an easy way for you to get email and/or text alerts if there is a cancellation in the Equity Estates portfolio for a residence or date you are interested in travelling to that is already booked.

There are several ways to enter a Cancellation Watchlist request in Voyager. Click the orange Cancellation Watch List request button when you do a general availability search or look at availability for a residence. You can also access the Cancellation Watchlist request button by clicking Calendar at the top of the Voyager dashboard.

Click here to view a helpful video tutorial for more details.

Click on your name in the upper right corner of Voyager, then click on the Cancellation Watch List tab.

Click your name in the upper right corner of Voyager. Then click Cancellation Watchlist. Your watchlist will populate. Click DELETE to cancel any of your scheduled notifications.

Yes. Your Personal Travel Concierge is happy to help you enter your requests.

No. Notifications will only go to investors. You are welcome to call your Personal Travel Concierge if you get a cancellation notification, and if available, they can help you book a trip.

However, the fastest way to book is to log in directly to your Voyager account and make your reservation if your Personal Travel Concierge is unavailable.

Click in your name on the upper right corner of Voyager. Then navigate to CANCELLATION WATCHLIST. There you will find a list of current cancellation notifications as well as NOTIFICATIONS HISTORY.

No. Other investors may also receive the same notification. Log into Voyager or contact your personal travel concierge to make your reservation immediately.

No. There are a few residences that are not investor reservable. Your Personal Travel Concierge will help you make reservations at these destinations. Affiliate residences as well as Equity Estates residences that are not investor-reservable are not part of the cancellation watch list system.