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All the Luxury, None of the Stress

College sweethearts, Mark and Lisa Raskin, haven’t wasted any time getting to know the Equity Estates portfolio as they create unforgettable memories in homes across the globe with their adult children and close friends.  

The Raskins proudly call the Dallas area home where they appreciate easy access to their favorite vacation destinations. Mark is a residential mortgage banker and the past president of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association, and Lisa worked as a CPA prior to dedicating her time to volunteer service with the Junior League and children’s hospital. 

Mark and Lisa first explored purchasing a beach home that could double as a short-term rental. Lisa wasn’t keen on being tied to one property or outfitting her home to the level of luxury she desired, then allowing strangers to rent it. Mark was apprehensive knowing he’d spend more time on repairs than relaxation. While hotels delivered the level of luxury and amenities the Raskins desired, they don’t offer space to spread out. 

With their kids attending college in different states, the Raskin family needed flexibility, consistency, and variety in their vacation alternatives. This is where the Equity Estates investment model came to the forefront.  

Luxury Isn’t Expensive, It’s Priceless 

Mark describes Equity Estates as an investment “too good to be true” and “business marital bliss” because he owns luxury homes in multiple locations with diversification, built-in property management, and a clear path to divestment. “The consistency and quality of the homes is amazing,” said Mark. “The properties are top of the line for each location, meticulously maintained and well stocked with everything we need.”  

When asked what the best benefits of the Equity Estates investment is, Mark applauded the consistency of luxury and service, the high touch travel concierges, attentive local hosts, and knowing everything is completely stocked – from coffee to red solo cups – so they don’t ever have to think about shopping or planning. “Everything has always been right on target,” said Mark. 

The ability to book spur of the moment trips is another reason the Raskin family chose Equity Estates. All the homes boast many amenities and accommodate large groups which is a guaranteed way to entice their adult children (and their friends) to travel together. Mark and Lisa appreciate the fact that traveling in peak season and holidays is the same price across the board. 

A Diverse Travel Portfolio 

From hiking in Colorado to relaxing on white sand beaches in tropical destinations to sightseeing in Spain, France, Portugal and Madrid, the Raskins maintain a colorful vacation portfolio.  

What residences do the Raskins love most? Belize was a huge hit. Mark and Lisa’s children invited friends who were delighted by the private beach, golf cart, spacious “compound” and pool. The Raskins have been to the Big Apple condo three times, valuing the spaciousness the residence offers versus a hotel. They also loved relaxing in Napa where they vacationed with friends. 

Other residences on the top of their “favorites” list are Cabo and Napa. Mark celebrated his birthday in Los Cabos where a surprise mariachi band booked by the local host was the icing on the cake. Lisa recently returned for a girls’ trip with her fellow Junior League past presidents, and another milestone birthday celebration in Cabo is coming up this summer. In addition to heading back to Cabo, Florence with fellow Equity Estates investors is on their radar soon.   

The Details Create the Big Picture 

One of Mark’s favorite perks of traveling with Equity Estates is the private chef service arranged by his local host. From wood burning pizzas in Napa to authentic Mexican dishes in Cabo, he looks forward to sampling the local cuisine (and music) in his own home wherever they travel.  

“Our personal concierge adding unique experiences is such a joy,” said Mark. “Having someone there locally to guide us through vacation is so extraordinary. Each location goes out of its way to make it special for whatever the group is.” 

Mark and Lisa look forward to making many more memories with their children, and eventually their grandchildren, as they continue to explore residences across the globe.

Equity Estates investors enjoy 15 to 45 nights a year at any of the luxury homes in our portfolio while saving 50-75% annually compared to similar quality vacation rentals. 

Sounds good, but where’s the proof? 

We recently conducted research in five destinations – Lake Tahoe, Wine Country, Los Cabos, Snowmass, and Turks & Caicos – and compared the cost of staying at an Equity Estates residence versus the nearby luxury hotel or villa rental. The results are compelling.  

The Cost of Staying at an Equity Estates Home

As of January 1, 2023, the cost for Fund VI Equity Estates investors staying at one of our portfolio residences is $1,330 per night. There are no price surges for peak travel times. It’s that simple. 

Also included in the Equity Estates cost is our exceptional service advantage. We deliver seamless planning and unmatched personalization both before and during your stay. Each investor has a dedicated trip planner, a local host on the ground, daily housekeeping and over 85 stocked consumables for use in the home. 

The Cost of Staying at Similar Vacation Rentals 

Before we dive into the research, let’s review two important facts about the higher cost of reservations at comparable luxury vacation rentals and hotels. 

  1. Taxes & Fees – In addition to your nightly rate, expect to pay extra costs for local occupancy taxes, resort and booking fees, cleaning charges, and other miscellaneous costs.  
  2. Higher Prices at Prime Time – Hotels and rentals often charge premium rates for nights over holidays and peak seasons.  

With all this background in mind, let’s look at the actual nightly cost WITHOUT taxes and fees* of each of these luxury accommodation options for five popular destinations. 

Increase Your Return on Vacations 

Investing with Equity Estates unlocks the door to dozens of spacious, well-appointed vacation homes in top destinations around the globe at meaningful discounts compared to hotels, resorts, and home rentals. 

Equity Estates affords its investors the freedom of traveling throughout the year without lofty holiday and peak season rates, occupancy taxes, or excessive fees.   

Are you looking for a way to have consistently excellent vacations while making a smart decision with your money? Click here to explore all of the homes in our portfolio, download our Fund VI Investment Overview, or  schedule time to connect with a member of our Investor Relations team. 

They say, “A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work.” And for fly fishermen, this always holds true.  

Fly fishing is a centuries old pastime that delivers its enthusiasts the hope of hooking a trophy catch while basking in the tranquility and serenity of an unspoiled river or stream. This is one of the few sports that allow you to fully immerse yourself in nature to rejuvenate the soul to the sound of running water while practicing one of the most challenging sports known to man. There are opportunities to try your hand at this pleasurable hobby at many Equity Estates destinations.  

When most people think fly fishing, they picture Montana. With three Equity Estates residences positioned in the heart of Big Sky country, you have a world of options. Colorado also offers some of the best and most abundant trout waters you’ll find anywhere in the country. The addition of our Vail property right on Gore Creek brings us to four destinations in the Rocky Mountains to hone your skills while enjoying the beautiful scenery in your backyard.   

No matter where you choose to fly fish, your local host is happy to arrange a private guide who has a wealth of experience and insight and will take you to some of the best local spots off the beaten path. Whether you chose a float trip via boat or a wade trip, your team is ready to outfit you for a perfect day on the river.   

We consulted our Investor Relations Manager and fly fishing authority Jake for some insight into which residences offer “the goods.” He shared his top picks, in no particular order. 

Big Sky & Lone Mountain, Montana

Big Sky is a world-class fly fishing destination attracting anglers of every skill level from all over the world to its renowned rivers, streams, and lakes. Big Sky country is home to hundreds of miles of water to fly fish. All the trout species a fly fisherman desires to catch can be found in the local lakes and rivers. While there are dozens of places to lure trout, we’ve highlighted some of the most popular.  


Gallatin River  

For the fly fishing enthusiast, the Gallatin River is a top fly fishing destination and definitely a bucket list spot to fish. There are many sections along this stretch of nature’s paradise where the views and scenery are as exhilarating as the hunt for trout. Anglers not only catch copious trout but also witness many types of wildlife while casting into the beautiful river. You can expect to catch brown trout, rainbow trout and even a cutthroat trout if it’s your lucky day. Anglers can choose to cast in several areas, most notably Hog Alley and The Southfork of the Gallatin.   

Yellowstone River  

The Yellowstone River is one of North America’s most productive wild trout fisheries. It offers a variety of species as well as a front row seat to a landscape most only witness in the movies.  While wade fishing is an option in the National Park and at a few other locations, the temperament of the river lends itself to superior float fishing from guided tours on rafts and drift boats.  

Aspen & Snowmass, Colorado

Whether you’re staying at the Equity Estates residence in Snowmass or a few miles away in Aspen, fly fishing options are bountiful on the Roaring Fork and Fryingpan Rivers. Anglers of every age and skill level enjoy this year-round opportunity to catch beautiful trout along a picturesque Rocky Mountain backdrop. Some sections of both the Roaring Fork and Fryingpan earned the Gold Medal Water designation by the Colorado Wildlife Commission, making them the ideal spot to hone your casting skills.  

Roaring Fork River  

The Roaring Fork Valley is home to numerous legendary fisheries and the river flows from Independence Pass to Glenwood Springs and is less than a block away from our Equity Estates Aspen home. The movement of this river changes with the seasons based on rainfall and snowmelt producing a robust trout population that thrives due to an abundance of aquatic insects and tributaries providing cold water year-round. This is a fantastic river for a float trip, and it also offers clearly marked public access spots to the north toward Glenwood Springs. Anglers love this hot spot for the stellar fishing and the calm, picture-perfect backdrop where they can escape in nature.  

Fryingpan River  

Plentiful fish populations, stunning scenery, and sizable trout explain why much of this river is rated Gold Medal Water. You can find brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout in this unspoiled waterway. The Fryingpan River also features some of the best dry fly fishing in the country. From June to September, anglers dry fly fish from afternoon to evening. Autumn months deliver beautiful mountain vistas, fall colors and big fish. In winter months, the crowds are smaller, and the fish are larger, so it’s a great time to test the waters.  

Crystal River   

This pristine body of water offers anglers respite from popular fishing spots during the summer season. Fish are more likely to jump at a fly than their counterparts on the Roaring Fork and Fryingpan because fewer anglers are casting flies.  

Maroon Creek   

Located 15 minutes from Snowmass in Maroon Bells, this secluded body of water offers a quiet spot to catch small rainbow and brook trout in a beautiful setting.  

Snowmass Lake  

The only way in is to hike via the Maroon-Snowmass trail. The views are amazing, especially in late summer. Cutthroat and rainbow trout may be found swimming in the lake.   

Vail, Colorado

Casting into the tranquil water is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the summer weather while exploring the most serene spots on Vail’s many streams and rivers. With your choice of home bases in either Golden Peak or Lionshead, fly fishing in your backyard has never been easier. Fly fishing is a year-round hobby in Vail, so no matter what season you’re visiting, it’s a must on your to-do list.  


Gore Creek  

Although it runs through Vail Village, locals say Gore Creek remains a bit of a fly fishing secret. Anglers can pop into the river through parks in the Village.  In fact, it’s in the back yard of our Golden Peak home. If you have your eyes on a larger trout, try your hand west of Vail where Red Sandstone Creek enters the Gore. That’s prized Gold Medal Water territory. Fly fishermen’s favorite spots along the Gore can be found by Vail’s Nature Center, Ford Park, Antler’s Lodge, Donovan Park, and Vail’s Grand Hyatt. You have a great shot at landing brookies, cutthroat, rainbows and brown trout and some surprisingly large fish call this trout stream home. The fishing on Gore Creek is rewarding every month of the year.  

Eagle River 

The Eagle is a free-flowing river less crowded than the Gore but still ripe for fly fishing any time of year. Anglers can wade in from the shore, or you can also float the Eagle on a guided tour during certain times of the year (typically April through June). Guides note the Eagles has excellent dry fly fishing for wild brown and rainbow trout. Locals say the best hatches are during the summer and fall when you’ll find plenty of rainbows, cutthroat, browns, and brook trout.  

Colorado River  

Thousands of anglers make their way to this legendary river each year in the hopes of landing browns, brook, rainbow and cutthroat trout along the waters of the Colorado. There’s always a stretch of river where you’ll have success all year, and many sections offer excellent conditions from sunrise to sunset. With so many spots to choose from, we are happy to book your knowledgeable guide to lead the way.  

Lake Tahoe, California

Centered around some of the best fly fishing in the Sierra Nevadas, Lake Tahoe is known as the Golden Circle of trout fishing. With numerous rivers and lakes with renown fly fishing in the snow kissed Sierra Nevada range, you have a variety of options near the Lake Tahoe residence. Tahoe’s North Shore is considered by locals to be some of the most difficult yet gratifying fly fishing rivers in California, offering a chance at a trophy size trout any day of the year.  

Truckee River  

The Truckee River, known for rainbow and brown trout, is famous for its trophy size catches, but you should be prepared for a challenge. This remarkably diverse fishery produces mammoth trout, but they’ll put up quite the fight. A popular fishing spot is Lake Tahoe to Trout Creek which is heavily stocked by the state and fed by many tributaries. In summer months, white water rafters compete for real estate on the river, so it’s important to get an early start. April to November is trout season, and guides say the fall is a great time to snag that trophy sized trout.  

Little Truckee River  

This tributary to the main Truckee is a tailwater fishery with controlled flows and is known to fish well during run-off months when the other rivers flow high and muddy from snowmelt. Consistently clear waters allow anglers to spot fish nearly every day of the year, so it’s a great place to cast if you’re just as content to watch trout as you are to catch them.  

Carson River Watershed  

This body of water is south of Lake Tahoe and originates in the mountains throughout Alpine County, making its waters ripe for trout.  The East Fork of the Carson River is the main fishery and has many miles of catch and release only waters as well as several miles of regular trout regulation waters.  

East and West Walker Rivers   

The East Walker River below Bridgeport Reservoir stays open year-round and makes for some great winter fly fishing.  

The Trout are Calling

Whether you’re a fly fishing aficionado or casting for the first time, there are plenty of world-renowned options at Equity Estates destinations across the map. Your Destination Manager and Local Host are happy to arrange everything you need to make your day in or on the river complete, from fishing licenses to waders, we take care of the details.

Playa Palmilla is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Los Cabos, offering a mile-long promenade of white sandy beach, swimmable crystal blue water, and a sun-drenched playground for water sport enthusiasts. Our Playa Palmilla residence has proven to be a favorite escape year-round. With a front row seat to whale watching and sunrises over the Sea of Cortez, this luxury hacienda is a must see.

In this residence highlight, we share how we discovered this spacious villa with ample outdoor living in a dream destination.

From ski destinations to beachfront villas, Equity Estates works to curate diverse luxury residence portfolios for the enjoyment of our investors. For more information on Fund VI, please click here to schedule time with a member of our Investor Relations team. 

St. John, fondly known by locals as Love City for being so safe and friendly, is an American paradise. Though the smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, it’s a very special place with over two-thirds of the island’s land protected as Virgin Island National Park. This conservation effort ensures this unspoiled gem maintains its immaculate landscape while providing visitors an abundance of outdoor activities so they may observe the island’s wildlife, nature, celebrated history, and vibrant scenery in its most organic form. 

Not only is St. John one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands you’ll ever visit, it’s also the friendliest. St. John is peppered with over a dozen beaches, hundreds of acres of tropical forests, shopping and nightlife in lively Cruz Bay, and top-rated restaurants. Whether it’s paddling through the bay in search of sea turtles, snorkeling with tropical fish in the reefs, dancing to live music, or sailing through the waves in a catamaran, there’s plenty of fun in the sun on this inviting island. 

Picturesque Trunk Bay – St. John’s most famous beach – is consistently rated one of the top in the world. It’s also one of the most photographed places in the Virgin Islands because of its pristine beauty with sugar sand beaches. 

Our Destination Manager Danielle was fresh off an action-packed trip in St. John when we asked her to share her ideal itinerary for three perfect days in this island paradise. Snorkeling, paddling, hiking, and delicious food await!   

DAY 1: Canvasing the Beauty of Conservation Land

Start your morning off at Provisions in Cruz Bay where you’ll fuel up with a hearty breakfast sandwich. We suggest the sausage and egg on a cheddar biscuit. For those with a sweet tooth, their fresh banana bread is a winner every time. Don’t forget to grab a few chilled bottles of water to go. 

A locals’ favorite,  Ram Head Trail is a great morning hike before the afternoon heat arrives. A little over two miles long, this trail head takes about an hour and offers amazing ocean and bay views. You will pass two different beaches where you can stop to take a dip, or canvass for shells. If you’d prefer to have a tour guide on your hike, we’ll gladly arrange one for you. 

For lunch we suggest Skinny Legs Bar & Grill.  After all that hiking, you definitely earned their specialty – the cheeseburger. Whether you opt for the simple cheddar or the blue burger, you won’t be disappointed. The relaxed vibe makes it easy to enjoy the company of locals and vacationers alike as you sip a chilled raspberry lemonade with your juicy burger.  

A trip to St. John isn’t complete without exploring the gorgeous blue waters of the island’s East End by kayak or paddleboard. Your Local Host made afternoon reservations for you with Virgin Islands Expeditions Company, so all you need to do is show up ready to learn how to paddle. You’ll see amazing sea life, including nurse sharks, barracuda and squirrel fish. You’ll glide over colorful coral reefs, turtle grazing beds and a shipwreck as you sail through turquoise waters and tranquil sea breezes under the afternoon sun. 

After taking a dip and enjoying a cocktail poolside back at the Equity Estates home, you’ll head to the dazzling alfresco eatery Morgan’s Mango in Cruz Bay where we’ve made reservations for your group. The flavorful Neo-Caribbean cuisine will delight your tastebuds. For a real treat, we recommend you share the octopus appetizer, and for the main course try the Panko Grouper. Danielle said the fish was the best she’s ever had. 

DAY 2: Tropical Fish, Turtles & Reefs!

With so much to do at St. John’s famed Trunk Bay, it’s important to start your day with a satisfying breakfast. At Cruz Bay Landing, the favorites are the banana and blueberry stuffed pancakes and the mouthwatering house benny (ham eggs benedict with a Caribbean kick). Cold brew coffee lovers line up to enjoy the perfection of their ten hour brew.

Trunk Bay is the most iconic spot in St. John, named after the largest sea turtle in the world, which is known to locals as “trunks.” With a 650-foot self-guided snorkeling trail, stunning coral formations and bountiful sea life, there’s plenty to do. Lifeguards watch over swimmers and snorkelers, making it a safe place for beach lovers of all ages. 

The Equity Estates residences are stocked with all the necessities for your day at the beach. Bring the chairs, snorkel gear, tents and sunscreen, and find a comfy place to camp out and take in the sun and surf.

Your Local Host is happy to arrange for any beach toys you wish to make your day complete. 

When shell seeking and tropical fish finding work up your appetite, the Trunk Bay Snack Shack is ready to serve you a very casual but satisfying hot lunch, refreshing cocktails, and ice cream. The pulled pork nachos are a great starter, and as far as snack shack food goes, the hot dog and burger with fries always hit the spot after a morning of sunshine and swimming. 

If you have enough energy left on your way back to the residence, there are many historic sites nearby for a quick sightseeing adventure, including America Hill Ruins, Annaberg Ruins, Trunk Bay Plantation Ruins, and Cinnamon Bay Sugar Mill Ruins.   

Back at the residence, unwind with a few laps in the pool or happy hour before you head out to dinner where we’ve made reservations at The Terrace. The menu is a rare treat of freshly sourced seafood and hand selected meats with premium ingredients that yield a delectable French-inspired cuisine. Sip from the sommelier’s choice wines while taking in the amazing sunset view from the deck. Oysters Rockefeller paired with a sparkling wine to begin are complemented by the piping hot homemade bread served with shallot butter. Whether you order a steak, fois gras, or fresh fish, you won’t be disappointed. And don’t forget the key lime mango pie for dessert. 

If you’re ready to work off dinner with dancing, live music at the Beach Bar is always an island favorite. Their signature painkiller drink is like a second dessert. 

DAY 3: Sail Away!

This morning you’ll head back to Cruz Bay where you’ll start your day at the North Shore Deli. The north shore scramble and French toast are sure to fill you up before you head out for an exciting day on the catamaran.

Your local host made reservations at Voodoo Charters Pack a towel and sunscreen and hop aboard their sleek catamaran prepared to take your group out for a funfilled day of snorkeling, swimming, and delicious tacos at the world-famous Lime Out. Adults will love the open bar onboard the catamaran, and everyone will have a fantastic time snorkeling several reefs and making new friends throughout the day.  

The catamaran returns to Cruz Bay by late afternoon offering plenty of time for shopping, happy hour, live music or exploring some historic sites. If a day at sea has you worn out, a siesta relaxing by the pool and taking in the spectacular views from your residence is always a perfect way to ease into the evening.   

Whether your home base is the Equity Estates residence in Klein Bay or Chocolate Hole, our favorite chef Vinny will surprise and delight you with a unique menu of your choice. This Chicago-trained culinary master offers delicious canapes, family style menus and theme nights.

As you unwind with your choice of cuisine and cocktails, Vinny will cater to your every whim, offering you the most amazing dining experience as you enjoy your final night sharing your favorite memories of St. John with your family and friends. There’s no better way to spend your last evening than in the comfort of your own home being served by a top-rated chef.

An evening stroll on the beach near the residence listening to the gentle lap of the waves under the stars is the perfect way to end your three perfect days in Love City. 

At Home in St. John with Equity Estates 

Equity Estates offers investors two luxurious residences in St. John. 

The Klein Bay residence is a gorgeous oceanfront villa comprised of a three-level main home and a pool house. With a classic Caribbean flair, pristine ocean views, a private pool and plenty of outdoor living space, this residence is reminiscent of a small luxury resort. With five bedrooms, six bathrooms and over 5,000 square feet of living space, this island stunner offers room to spread out, relax and enjoy the view. 


The newly renovated Chocolate Hole residence offers investors the classic Caribbean experience with breathtaking ocean views, a private pool, and plenty of outdoor living areas to soak in the ocean breeze. Offering six bedrooms, six bathrooms and over 8,000 square feet of living space to accommodate up to 14 guests, this residence is ideal for large groups and multigenerational gatherings. 

Your Destination Manager will work with you to plan your itinerary before you arrive and make sure your stay is effortless by arranging reservations for activities, transportation, and dining. Leave the details to us and arrive to a fully stocked kitchen and bar with groceries of your choice from the local market. Your Local Host is on call to help with anything you need during your island stay. With Equity Estates, comfort and luxury are yours.  

Travel with Equity Estates for a unique and memorable experience. If you would like more information about investing with Equity Estates, please reach out to our Investor Relations team at 404.445.8501 or tap this link to schedule a call. Your incredible St. John getaway awaits! 

Travel has always been a top priority for adventurous Texans Kyle and Kim Hughes. Their investment in Equity Estates is twofold. It unlocked the door to an impressive inventory of luxury homes around the globe while ensuring their adult children carried on the family tradition of creating lasting memories with access to unique travel experiences worldwide.   

As an investor and founder of numerous tech companies, Kyle cherished the annual family vacations his wife Kim, a seasoned marketing professional, diligently planned each year. When the opportunity for retirement grew closer, Kyle and Kim consulted their wealth management partner to determine the best investment vehicle to maximize the travel opportunities for their family. He proposed a real estate investment would be their best option, and after extensive research, the Hughes family decided Equity Estates was the right fit for them.

Continuing the Family Tradition of Travel

The Hughes are enterprising adventure seekers who checked an impressive number of items on their bucket list already, including climbing the Grand Teton. They enjoy time outdoors skiing and hiking in Colorado, exploring a variety of beach destinations for new snorkeling and surfing spots including Costa Rica, Cabo, San Diego, and Florida and venturing to cities like New York and London for cultural and culinary delights.   

“It’s great that we have access to destinations we may not have considered thanks to having so many homes to choose from in the portfolio,” said Kim. “We love the consistency of luxury and level of detail in each residence and appreciate everything is taken care of for us.”   

Appreciating Seamless Travel from Start to Finish

Kim loves investigating new destinations so the family can live like the locals during their trip. She especially appreciates having a dedicated Local Host on the ground and finds it extremely helpful for uncovering hidden gems and getting off the beaten path.  

“Having a whole team working together before, during and after our trip makes it seamless from beginning to end,” said Kyle. “Our experience with Equity Estates has been phenomenal and the professionalism unsurpassed.” 

Always Planning a New Adventure

Whether traveling with family or friends, the Hughes vacations are always packed with activities. One of their favorites was a spectacular trip to London over the holidays. Another top choice was Belize, a destination they hadn’t previously considered but fell in love with thanks to welcoming locals and the natural beauty of the country. Their adult children have a few favorites of their own where they gather with friends and significant others.   

Kyle and Kim split their time between homes in Austin and Telluride, and when not hiking or skiing the San Juan Mountains or taking in live music and Texas cuisine, they’re planning new adventures around the globe. Upcoming trips include recharging on the beautiful beaches of Turks & Caicos, a Hawaiian escape with friends, and a European excursion where they’ll tour Paris, Provence, Portugal, and Italy.    

When asked what was on their bucket list, Kyle said Kenya and Tanzania so his adult children could experience the breathtaking beauty of Africa firsthand as he did, trekking to the Himalayas, and the picturesque landscape of New Zealand were at the top of the Hughes family wish list.   

Kyle and Kim both came from families who valued time together, travel and making memories on exciting adventures, so their investment in Equity Estates not only offers them access to luxury vacation homes around the world, it also provides their family a guaranteed way to carry on a very important tradition.