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Cost Comparison vs Comparable Alternatives

Cost Comparison vs Comparable Alternatives

Equity Estates investors enjoy 15 to 45 nights a year at any of the luxury homes in our portfolio while saving 50-75% annually compared to similar quality vacation rentals. 

Sounds good, but where’s the proof? 

We recently conducted research in five destinations – Lake Tahoe, Wine Country, Los Cabos, Snowmass, and Turks & Caicos – and compared the cost of staying at an Equity Estates residence versus the nearby luxury hotel or villa rental. The results are compelling. 


Adding up the Costs


The Cost of Staying at an Equity Estates Home

As of January 1, 2023, the cost for Fund VI Equity Estates investors staying at one of our portfolio residences is $1,330 per night. There are no price surges for peak travel times. It’s that simple. 

Also included in the Equity Estates cost is our exceptional service advantage. We deliver seamless planning and unmatched personalization both before and during your stay. Each investor has a dedicated trip planner, a local host on the ground, daily housekeeping and over 85 stocked consumables for use in the home.


The Cost of Staying at Similar Vacation Rentals 

Before we dive into the research, let’s review two important facts about the higher cost of reservations at comparable luxury vacation rentals and hotels. 

  1. Taxes & Fees – In addition to your nightly rate, expect to pay extra costs for local occupancy taxes, resort and booking fees, cleaning charges, and other miscellaneous costs.  
  2. Higher Prices at Prime Time – Hotels and rentals often charge premium rates for nights over holidays and peak seasons.  

With all this background in mind, let’s look at the actual nightly cost WITHOUT taxes and fees* of each of these luxury accommodation options for five popular destinations. 

Increase Your Return on Vacations 

Investing with Equity Estates unlocks the door to dozens of spacious, well-appointed vacation homes in top destinations around the globe at meaningful discounts compared to hotels, resorts, and home rentals. 

Equity Estates affords its investors the freedom of traveling throughout the year without lofty holiday and peak season rates, occupancy taxes, or excessive fees.   

Are you looking for a way to have consistently excellent vacations while making a smart decision with your money? Click here to explore all of the homes in our portfolio, download our Fund VI Investment Overview, or  schedule time to connect with a member of our Investor Relations team.