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Las Catalinas, Costa Rica Residence Highlight

Las Catalinas, Costa Rica Residence Highlight

The master planned beach town of Las Catalinas on the Guanacaste coast of Costa Rica is a picture-perfect location for an Equity Estates investment home. It boasts two of the country’s most beautiful beaches, miles of trails, and a 1,000-acre tropical forest preserve, providing modern comfort and amenities within a lush, natural paradise.

The Equity Estates team watched this community’s development closely before investing. The residence was purchased during construction, giving us the opportunity to add details which made the home more useable for our investors.

The result is a luxurious and spacious vacation home that features five bedrooms, 4,000+ square feet of living space, a private courtyard with plunge pool and fountain, and panoramic views of the ocean, mountains, and nearby Catalina Islands.

In this residence highlight piece, we share more details about our purchase of this property, interior photos, and an investor testimonial. We’re excited to show you how our patience and remodeling expertise have paid dividends.

Las Catalinas, Costa Rica

From ski destinations to beachfront villas, Equity Estates works to curate diverse luxury residence portfolios for the enjoyment of our investors. For more information on Fund VI, please click here to schedule time with a member of our Investor Relations team.