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Invest in Your Travel

Invest in Your Travel

“When compared with renting comparable vacation homes or purchasing nights in luxury hotels with no investment component, Equity Estates is a no-brainer.”

Equity Estates investors enjoy incredible vacations in high-end residences around the world, all while making a diversified investment in luxury real estate which has great potential to provide a healthy return on investment. We sat down with Tyler, an investor in Fund I, to discuss the vacation value he’s enjoyed from his investment thus far.

Tyler has been an Equity Estates investor for seven years, and during that time he’s enjoyed concierge supported vacations all around the globe—often during peak travel times. After analyzing his travel history against comparable accommodation rates—using alternatives within the same buildings or neighborhoods during the same times—we estimate he’s taken $840,000 worth of vacations and will soon hit the $1 million mark.

Tyler started out with an Executive Membership Interest (15 nights of annual usage) in Fund I and dabbled with other destination clubs as well. After traveling once with each club, he says, “We decided we would be better off having more time in the Equity Estates portfolios. The overall travel experience, as well as the equity position in EE, was the much more attractive option.”

Shortly after, Tyler upgraded to two Elite Membership Interests (60 nights of annual usage) and has taken more than 50 trips during his time as an investor. “We determined the travel experience provided by Equity Estates was the best we had ever experienced,” Tyler said. His family averages about 50 nights per year, and he typically gifts 10 nights per year to friends and employees.

Compared with renting like-vacation homes or purchasing nights in luxury hotels with no investment component, Tyler says Equity Estates is a no-brainer. He considers the value of his Equity Estates membership to be “outstanding” and says he could not have taken vacations of similar quality elsewhere for even close to the same cost.

Fund I will begin its divestment plan in 2021, after which investors will receive back first 100% of their initial investment and then 80% of the appreciation thereafter. Tyler calls this an added bonus. “When the portfolio is liquidated, we could receive a handsome profit on our investment. The only negative is determining what to do to replicate the experience once the portfolio is liquidated. I certainly hope that EE has another fund available when that time comes. Equity Estates has become an integral part of our lifestyle.”

Browse some of Tyler’s highest value trips over the years below.


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