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Investor Looks Back at 12 Years with Equity Estates

Investor Looks Back at 12 Years with Equity Estates

We interviewed Jim S. from Houston, Texas about his decision to become an Equity Estates investor, and how that experience has benefited him and his family over the years.  

When did you become an investor with Equity Estates? 

My two business partners and I joined Equity Estates in June of 2008. We created a business called Platinum Estates. The three of us manage our 45 nights internally and we split them up however we wish. It works great. Gives us a lot of advantages. We can trade nights (when) somebody wants to have more (nights) one year or when one of us wants to have less. 

What attracted you to the business model? 

Equity Estates is built on the model of less than 60% occupancy. Most of the other competitors sell 100% of their nights and (with that model) you’re going to have a hard time getting in when you want to vacation.  The 40+% vacancy ratio is designed so the homes are available, and you can (plan to) use them.

Now that you’ve been an investor for 12 years, how do you feel about the investment? 

My business partners and I think it was a great investment.  We believe the pro forma they put forth was conservative. We think it’s going to actually do better than that. They’ve assembled a really good team… good business people.  

Plus, you’re an owner in a business.  We can inspect the books at any time. These guys have an outside, independent auditing company, no affiliation whatsoever. They audit the books every year. We get a full accounting of what went on last year.   

In 2021, I get back my initial investment. And maybe I get back the dues I’ve paid over the 12 years I’ve been in the program. At the end of the day. I will have vacationed at $3 million plus homes for 15 nights a year. It doesn’t get any better than that. You can’t do that on your own. 

Have you enjoyed your vacations over the years? 

I’m blessed. It’s an incredible experience every single time. I’m taking two, three, and four trips a year. Sometimes I just do long weekends. The homes are incredibly beautiful. They have everything stocked, everything you’ve asked for is there, even down to the special requests. We had a chef in our group who wanted to prepare a birthday meal for us. He put together the list. The Equity Estates Local Host had everything on his list waiting for him… ready to make the meal. 

Every time I bring guests, they say, “It’s the best vacation I’ve ever had.” It makes me feel bad sometimes because I realize I’m doing this every time. 

What would you tell potential investors about Equity Estates? 

I tell everybody… if you believe in real estate, this is the investment for you. The reality is, if I put all the money I’ve been investing in the real estate market, into something like this, I would be so much better off than the money I have or have not made in the stock market. 

Unlike commodities, stocks or bonds, Equity Estates Funds invest in multimillion-dollar vacation homes which have an enormous potential to appreciate. Investors own and enjoy the homes for a decade or more until the Funds divest and return 100% of investors’ initial investment plus 80% of the appreciation.  An open booking calendar means investors have the freedom to travel at a moment’s notice or plan far into the future. In addition, Equity Estates does not rent properties to the public so as not to compromise the availability of any residence. With a little flexibility, investors can vacation anywhere in the portfolio, anytime they like.  

If you would like more information about investing with Equity Estates, please reach out to our Investor Relations team at 404.445.8501 or tap this link to schedule a call.