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Investor Spotlight: Dr. Robert Troia & Dr. Carol Drake

Investor Spotlight: Dr. Robert Troia & Dr. Carol Drake

What matters most to our investors? For Dr. Robert Troia and Dr. Carol Drake, trust and comfort matter the most when they are considering an investment in vacations. These long-time investors in Fund I and Fund II have experienced first-hand the evolution of Equity Estates through the last decade. Dr. Troia shared that while our portfolio, our team, and our funds have grown — the service, commitment and quality of residences have never changed. “We’ve only been surprised in a good way, never a negative way.”  

Previously, they were members of a destination club that unfortunately didn’t survive the turbulent years in the early 2000s. Following that destination club’s crumble, the couple stayed in a hotel for a ski vacation, and that experience only served as a reminder of how much they enjoyed staying at private residences. They missed the luxuries, the privacy, and the comfort that just is not available in a hotel. 

Investing in Time Together 

Dr. Troia and Dr. Drake both work as full-time as ophthalmologists from their private practices in Omaha, Nebraska. As medical professionals, business owners, and parents of four grown children (and now, grandparents), they value the time spent together and on vacation. Dr. Troia shared that he appreciates how their investment with Equity Estates ensures they plan and schedule vacation time together throughout the year. Their allotted number of annual nights with Equity Estates is almost a guarantee for their family that they will plan (and enjoy) those precious vacation days.  

When their children were younger, family trips were often full of exploration and adventure. One memorable excursion was when Dr. Drake and her son took kitesurfing lessons together during a visit to the Grace Bay residence in Turks & Caicos. While Dr. Drake decided that she much preferred relaxing by the ocean, her son took such a liking to the sport that it’s now a passion.  

Family Travel Through the Years 

As their kids have grown, their family’s travel pace has changed. These days, everyone takes time to enjoy themselves together and to truly relax. Dr. Drake is especially fond of the deck in our Turks & Caicos residence because it’s the perfect place for afternoon naps following a day down by the ocean. Dr. Troia said one of his favorite things about their Equity Estates investment is that “it fits all of the stages of life.” 

Over the last decade, Dr. Troia and Dr. Drake have thought many times about purchasing a second home …but have decided against it. This is due to the worries of feeling obligated to travel to only that one location and the stress of the upkeep, maintenance, and other nuances of second home ownership. 

Looking Ahead with Equity Estates

While Fund I has begun liquidation, Dr. Troia and Dr. Drake are excited to continue their travels with Equity Estates as Fund II and Fund V investors.  

If you are considering an investment with Equity Estates, Dr. Troia encourages you to talk to current investors to learn more about their experiences. “All through these years, there’s just a consistency in the quality of staff that has never wavered, never changed. Always very responsive to what we need, and to us that’s very important and appreciated.”