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Investor Spotlight: Bill & Lisa Conquergood

Investor Spotlight: Bill & Lisa Conquergood

Friends, Family, and Milestone Celebrations

Though relatively new to Equity Estates, the Conquergoods have already enjoyed several unforgettable vacations, including a week in Turks & Caicos with their friends, an anniversary getaway to Cabo with three other couples, a special trip to Europe, and a graduation celebration in St. John.

“We didn’t plan the Cabo trip specifically for our anniversary,” says Lisa. “It just worked out that way. And it was wonderful because our friends surprised us by arranging a private photographer to come out and take photos of us on the beach while we were there. It was a really nice addition to an incredible vacation.”

For the European trip, they enjoyed stays in both Florence and Paris, meeting up with their oldest son, Grady, and some of his friends who were there studying abroad. None of them could believe how amazing the Florence apartment was—elegantly chic and perfectly located between the city’s fashion and historic districts.

“Their parents said we’ve spoiled them for travel now,” says Bill. “They only want to stay in places that are as nice as the Equity Estates residences. Maybe they’ll be future investors.”

In St. John, the spacious oceanfront home made the perfect base for another fun vacation as more of Grady’s friends joined the family to celebrate his college graduation and explore the island’s stunning beaches and forests. “Two-thirds of St. John is national park,” Lisa points out. “It’s such a gorgeous place, with so much of it natural and undeveloped. In fact, at one of the coves we visited, we were the only people on the beach. It felt really special.”

Favorite Experiences

While all four members of the Conquergood family love being outdoors swimming, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and hiking (when it’s not too hot), food tours are one of their favorite vacation activities. Both Bill and Lisa agree it’s a fantastic way to not just experience the food, but to meet new people and learn more about the community they’re visiting. “We like to immerse ourselves in the culture of each destination as much as we can,” says Lisa, “and food is a really great way to do that.”

They did tours in both Florence and Paris, and even invited one of their Paris guides to join them for lunch afterwards. “She said no one had ever asked her to do that before,” Lisa recalls. “We all had a really nice time talking over lunch, and we learned so many cool things about the city that we might not have otherwise.”

 In addition to food tours and outdoor fun, the couple also recognizes the importance of down time when traveling. “It’s ok to just sit by the pool and read a book sometimes,” says Lisa.

And Bill agrees. “We’ve realized that you don’t have to fill every second of your vacation. Relaxing is good too.”

The Equity Estates Difference

When asked what they like best about Equity Estates, Bill and Lisa are quick to mention the gorgeous homes and incredible service.

“We get to try new places that we may not have considered visiting and stay in beautiful, spacious homes that are always perfectly located,” says Bill. “The homes give comfort. They’re luxurious, safe, and in nice communities with great amenities. It’s the foundation that allows us to really relax and have a good time.”

“It’s not a cookie-cutter experience,” adds Lisa. “Each home feels unique and matches the destination. In St. John, for example, there were shells in the walls, which our local host said is a traditional architectural technique on the island. It’s fun to discover what’s cool about each of the homes. Plus, because you’re in a neighborhood, in a real home, you feel more like you’re a part of the community while you’re there.”

Another thing they love about Equity Estates is being able to meet the local hosts in each destination. “They’re great people and so helpful with local information and suggestions and anything that comes up,” says Bill. “They’re a support system, available to help with everything.”

That includes having the home stocked and ready before guests arrive. “Books, games, kitchen items, favorite foods, bug spray, sunscreen—just about everything you could need,” says Bill. “It’s nice to have it all ordered and waiting so you don’t have to worry about packing things in or shopping before getting settled.”

Lisa agrees. “Equity Estates alleviates stress. Travel can already be stressful, but the PTC and local hosts take a lot of that away. The only downside is that it’s addictive! Now that we’ve been on a few vacations through Equity Estates, it’s all we want to do.”

More Trips Ahead

Though their next Equity Estates trip isn’t booked yet, Bill and Lisa are hoping for a family vacation in Spain to meet up with Ethan when he does his study abroad.

They’d also like to visit more domestic destinations in the near future, combining RV road-tripping with stays in one (or more) of Equity Estates’ mountain homes or near any of the country’s national parks.

Their ideal bucket-list getaway would be a trip to the Galapagos Islands—a locale not currently on the Equity Estates destination list. Though Lisa points out, “The destinations that are there are all dream trips as well; They all look like bucket list vacations to us.”

While there’s no typical type of travel for the Conquergoods these days, as they settle into retirement, they’re excited to explore their vacation options. “We’re still figuring out what typical will look like,” says Lisa. “But investing and traveling with Equity Estates encourages us to try new places and lets us spoil ourselves a little while we’re there.”