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Investor Spotlight: Mark and Lisa Raskin

Investor Spotlight: Mark and Lisa Raskin

All the Luxury, None of the Stress

College sweethearts, Mark and Lisa Raskin, haven’t wasted any time getting to know the Equity Estates portfolio as they create unforgettable memories in homes across the globe with their adult children and close friends.  

The Raskins proudly call the Dallas area home where they appreciate easy access to their favorite vacation destinations. Mark is a residential mortgage banker and the past president of the Texas Mortgage Bankers Association, and Lisa worked as a CPA prior to dedicating her time to volunteer service with the Junior League and children’s hospital. 

Mark and Lisa first explored purchasing a beach home that could double as a short-term rental. Lisa wasn’t keen on being tied to one property or outfitting her home to the level of luxury she desired, then allowing strangers to rent it. Mark was apprehensive knowing he’d spend more time on repairs than relaxation. While hotels delivered the level of luxury and amenities the Raskins desired, they don’t offer space to spread out. 

With their kids attending college in different states, the Raskin family needed flexibility, consistency, and variety in their vacation alternatives. This is where the Equity Estates investment model came to the forefront.  

Luxury Isn’t Expensive, It’s Priceless 

Mark describes Equity Estates as an investment “too good to be true” and “business marital bliss” because he owns luxury homes in multiple locations with diversification, built-in property management, and a clear path to divestment. “The consistency and quality of the homes is amazing,” said Mark. “The properties are top of the line for each location, meticulously maintained and well stocked with everything we need.”  

When asked what the best benefits of the Equity Estates investment is, Mark applauded the consistency of luxury and service, the high touch travel concierges, attentive local hosts, and knowing everything is completely stocked – from coffee to red solo cups – so they don’t ever have to think about shopping or planning. “Everything has always been right on target,” said Mark. 

The ability to book spur of the moment trips is another reason the Raskin family chose Equity Estates. All the homes boast many amenities and accommodate large groups which is a guaranteed way to entice their adult children (and their friends) to travel together. Mark and Lisa appreciate the fact that traveling in peak season and holidays is the same price across the board. 

A Diverse Travel Portfolio 

From hiking in Colorado to relaxing on white sand beaches in tropical destinations to sightseeing in Spain, France, Portugal and Madrid, the Raskins maintain a colorful vacation portfolio.  

What residences do the Raskins love most? Belize was a huge hit. Mark and Lisa’s children invited friends who were delighted by the private beach, golf cart, spacious “compound” and pool. The Raskins have been to the Big Apple condo three times, valuing the spaciousness the residence offers versus a hotel. They also loved relaxing in Napa where they vacationed with friends. 

Other residences on the top of their “favorites” list are Cabo and Napa. Mark celebrated his birthday in Los Cabos where a surprise mariachi band booked by the local host was the icing on the cake. Lisa recently returned for a girls’ trip with her fellow Junior League past presidents, and another milestone birthday celebration in Cabo is coming up this summer. In addition to heading back to Cabo, Florence with fellow Equity Estates investors is on their radar soon.   

The Details Create the Big Picture 

One of Mark’s favorite perks of traveling with Equity Estates is the private chef service arranged by his local host. From wood burning pizzas in Napa to authentic Mexican dishes in Cabo, he looks forward to sampling the local cuisine (and music) in his own home wherever they travel.  

“Our personal concierge adding unique experiences is such a joy,” said Mark. “Having someone there locally to guide us through vacation is so extraordinary. Each location goes out of its way to make it special for whatever the group is.” 

Mark and Lisa look forward to making many more memories with their children, and eventually their grandchildren, as they continue to explore residences across the globe.