Like any great organization, whose success is driven by the awesome people behind the scenes delivering on its promises, Equity Estates’ success is influenced by various entities and teams.

Managing Members – Each Fund has its own Managing Member entity that is fiduciarily responsible for all financial and operational matters. 

Steering Committees – Each closed (sold out) Fund has a volunteer and democratically elected committee of investors which holds quarterly meetings to review budget and operational performance. It’s an opportunity to brainstorm ideas to keep our standards high and experience fresh. Each member is available for consultation at any time. Their advice is carefully considered by the Managing Members.

Operations Team – The Equity Estates property management and concierge team have delivered tens of thousands of hassle-free, memorable travel experiences . The first vacation experience was kicked off with a champagne-toasted arrival tour in a luxury New York City residence in the winter of 2007. This team has perfected best practices ever since on how to best deliver outstanding vacation experiences and care for our homes. The cost for this team is allocated fairly across all Equity Estates Funds by number of properties, total unique investors, and other criteria. It manages the same functions for each fund.

Investor Relations – Equity Estates is both an investment and travel experience. This team educates interested prospects and acts as a liaison between operations and investors to ensure that expectations are being met. The team has a combined 50+ years of experience. They are experts at knowing who would be a great investor.

Equity Estates Holdings, LLC – This entity holds a majority position in each Managing Member and owns the brand and related intangible assets. It is primarily owned by Philip Mekelburg, one of the original founders who took 100% control of the brand and related intangible assets in 2012. This entity also owns Equity Estates Travel Services, LLC that manages Equity Estates Expeditions and other related travel offerings that are unrelated to the Equity Estates Fund initiatives.

Advisory Board – This advisory board has no authority or liability for Equity Estates activities. Some of the professionals are paid fees for their advice and supply services to one or more affiliated entities. Management carefully contemplates advice from Advisory Board and investors regularly.

Philip Mekelburg

CEO and
Fund Manager

Sarah Cochran

EVP Investor Relations
and Fund Manager

Jeff Ross

Independent Auditor
Partner at RSM US LLP

Mike Pompilio

Tax & Accounting Advisor
Moore Colson

Bert Mills

Tax & Accounting Advisor
Moore Colson

Rick Covert

Board Member
Equity Estates Fund II Manager, LLC

Chris Statham

Board Member
Equity Estates Fund II Manager, LLC

Tim Trankina

Member of Fund I
Managing Member


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