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To allow for fair usage of major holidays for our investors, several weeks a year are designated as Peak Dates and are distributed through a biannual Lottery.

Investors at 13+ Included Days can participate in one Lottery per year, so please choose the one with peak dates that are most important to you. Investors with 45+ days and multi-fund investors can participate in both Lotteries each year, or use both chances in one Lottery. During the Lottery registration period you will specify how you’d like to participate in the Lottery. Investors also have the option to opt out of the Lottery.

The Cycle 1 Peak Dates Lottery is held in July and includes peak holidays from mid-January to June of the following year. The Cycle 2 Peak Dates Lottery is held in February and includes peak holidays from Independence Day through New Year’s week. It’s recommended to have a general idea of which Peak Dates you’re most interested in, if any, to determine in which Cycle to participate. The number of cycles you are eligible to participate in is determined by your membership preferences. Therefore, if you’re an Executive or Elite investor and most interested in a Thanksgiving Peak Date, you’ll want to skip the Cycle 1 Lottery and enter the Cycle 2 Lottery.

Example: Let’s say you want to ski in 2025 but you also want to use your nights for Christmas of 2026. You would play in Cycle 1 in July 2024 for ski season of 2025. You would have to wait until Cycle 2 of the following year (February 2026) to play next.

Cycle 1 in July 2024

  • Sundance Film Festival Week One: Wed. 1/22 – Wed. 1/29
  • Sundance Film Festival Week Two: Wed. 1/29 – Wed. 2/3
  • President’s Day Week: Sat. 2/15 – Sat. 2/22
  • Spring Break Week One: Sat. 3/8 – Sat. 3/15
  • Spring Break Week Two: Sat. 3/15 – Sat. 3/22
  • Easter Week: Sat. 4/12 – Sat. 4/19
  • Memorial Day Weekend: Thu. 5/22 – Tue. 5/27

Cycle 2 in February 2025

  • Independence Day Week: Sat. 6/28 – Sat. 7/5
  • Labor Day Weekend: Thu. 8/28 – Tue. 9/2
  • Wine Country Harvest: Tue. 9/3–Fri. 11/1
  • Thanksgiving Week: Sat. 11/22 – Sat. 11/29
  • Christmas Week: Sat. 12/20 – Sat. 12/27
  • New Year’s Week: Sat. 12/27 – Sat. 1/3/25

Cycle 1 in July 2025

  • Sundance Film Festival
  • President’s Day Week
  • Spring Break Weeks One & Two
  • Easter Week
  • Memorial Day Weekend

Cycle 2 in February 2026

  • Independence Day Week
  • Labor Day Weekend
  • Wine Country Harvest
  • Thanksgiving Week
  • Christmas Week
  • New Year’s Week

All Equity Estates residences will be included in each Lottery. Please note that prior to a new release or during construction, a home may not be available for certain Peak Dates. Our Reciprocal Partner properties will never be included in the Lottery. You can view the EE vs. Reciprocal properties in Voyager under the Destinations tab and filter by Portfolio.

A few weeks prior to each Lottery, you will receive a notice via email letting you know when the Lottery will begin. Once the Lottery begins, you will log in to Voyager to register. If you’re going to participate in that Lottery, you’ll want to pay attention to the deadline to submit your selections.

The Lottery registration notification is sent to all members of an account, but the Legal Representative is the only member who can complete registration for the Lottery. During registration, the Legal Representative can assign a Lottery Manager – the one member in the account who will make Lottery selections. Only one member can be the Lottery manager. The Legal Representative can also change this member at any time.

There are two ways to do this. Upon initial registration, the Legal Representative will have the option to select the Lottery Manager. Otherwise, the Legal Representative can change this in Voyager by selecting their name in the top right corner, then select Account Details, scroll down to the Profile section, click Edit, then select the drop-down for Default Lottery Manager. Finally, click Save.

You may make as few or as many selections as you would like. However, if you don’t win and you want to be eligible for Priority Status in the following Lottery cycle, you must make at least the minimum number if selections to be eligible for Priority Status. This number is generally equal to 25% of available homes in the current Lottery. We encourage you to make as many selections as possible for a better chance of winning.

A unique selection is a different date and destination for each choice. It can be the same destination with a different date, the same date with a different destination, or a new date and destination.

We suggest watching the helpful Lottery tutorial video that demonstrates these steps and walks you through the whole process.

We recommend that you lock your ballot after you finalize your selections. However, if you forget to lock your ballot, the system will automatically lock and submit it on the day that the selection window closes. Be sure to check your Lottery Schedule for more on this specific date and time.

As long as the selection window has not closed, you can go into your Lottery Dashboard and select Configuration in the top right of the screen. You will then need to select to Reset Your Preferences. You will be able to change and indicate which Lottery you want to participate in. If the selection window has closed, you will not be able to make any changes.

If you do not win any of your selections (and you have made at least the minimum number required), you will be eligible for Priority Status in the next Lottery that you are able to participate in.

Investors with Priority Status are placed in a separate pool of investors (in their next eligible Lottery) that is drawn first before other investors, so their chances of winning are increased. During new home releases, we may also reach out to Priority Status investors to see if they would like any Peak Dates before that home’s calendar releases to all other investors. By choosing to accept one of these weeks, the investor’s Priority Status is then removed. Priority Status only lasts for one year, so investors can choose which Lottery they would like to use it in.

No. You do not need Period Nights and Reservation Caps to participate in the Lottery. However, if you win, you will need them to confirm your booking.

Yes. You must have Period Nights and Reservation Caps available to book Lottery wins. Otherwise, you will be required to purchase additional access. You are also welcome to cancel or shorten any other future reservations (as long as they are outside of the 45-day cancellation window), to free up room in your Period Nights or Res Caps, if needed.

No. You may use anywhere from two to seven nights. However, certain destinations may require a minimum stay. We pre-select a set number of days for each holiday. You will play for those specific dates, but do not have to accept the full win.

Yes, if the dates are open and available you are more than welcome to extend your Lottery Please note there will be some instances where you will not be able to extend if there are back-to-back Peak dates.

You can now make Lottery reservation wins on your own. This will need to be completed through the Lottery dashboard and not through the “Make a Reservation” button in Voyager. Please note, Islamorada and Lido Key will still need to be booked by your Account Manager as these are non-member reservable homes.

If you are the winner, you are welcome to decline your win. Please keep in mind that if you win a Peak Date but decline that win, you will not receive Priority Status and have used your “play” for the year. If you made the minimum number of unique selections and did not win in the initial drawing, and the winner declines, we will offer this declined date to you prior to the calendar opening for all investors.

In 2023, we rolled out a new 120-day Cancellation Policy for Peak Dates. While Peak Dates were previously not able to be cancelled, we wanted to provide more flexibility if your plans should change. Peak Date cancellations within 120 days will be treated the same as a normal reservation cancelled within 45 days. If another investor picks up your cancelled nights, the nights will be credited to your account. While it is not guaranteed, there is a chance another investor would like your cancelled Peak Date, especially with our Cancellation Watchlist feature. For example, if you cancel seven nights within the 120-day period, and another investor picks up five of your seven nights, those five nights will be credited back to your account, and you will only be penalized for two.

At the end of the Lottery, there will likely be a pool of Peak Nights that were either never chosen by investors, rejected by those investors who won, or dates that were simply never chosen by the randomizer. These dates will be made available to all investors at the end of the second draw.

Please call or email your Account Manager if you have any questions about the Peak Dates Lottery, Priority Status, or your e-ballot. You can always find their information on your Voyager Dashboard.