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Five years ago, Equity Estates acquired and remodeled our incredible Thompson Cove residence in Turks & Caicos. What’s even more impressive than the ocean views? It’s the financial appreciation of this home’s value versus the original purchase price.

Turks & Caicos is an idyllic destination for divers, snorkelers, and sunbathers alike. This island boasts some of the clearest, most brilliant blue ocean water in the world and our investors always speak highly of their vacations to this destination.

Our beachfront villa has not only been an incredible investment for Equity Estates, but it combines everything one would expect from a 5-star resort with the intimacy and comfort of a private home.

In this residence highlight, we share more details about our purchase and renovation of this property, interior photos, and an investor testimonial. We’re excited to show you how our patience and long-term relationships have paid dividends with this investment.

From ski destinations to beachfront villas, Equity Estates works to curate diverse luxury residence portfolios for the enjoyment of our investors. For more information on Fund VI, please click here to schedule time with a member of our Investor Relations team. 

Five years ago, in December of 2016, Equity Estates acquired and remodeled our incredible Thompson Cove residence in Turks & Caicos. This 7,500 square foot home’s current value is already significantly higher than our original purchase price. 

Turks & Caicos is an idyllic destination for divers, snorkelers, and sunbathers alike. This island boasts some of the clearest, most brilliant blue ocean water in the world and our investors love it here. 

Our beachfront villa has not only been an incredible investment for us, but it combines everything one would expect from a 5-star resort with the intimacy and comfort of a private home. 

In this residence highlight piece, we share more details about our purchase and renovation of this property, interior photos, and an investor testimonial. We’re excited to share with you how our patience and long-term relationships have paid dividends with this investment.  

From ski destinations to beachfront villas, Equity Estates works to curate diverse residence portfolios for the enjoyment of our investors. For more information on investing with Fund V, please click here to schedule time with a member of our Investor Relations team. 

Thanksgiving is a time for family, gratitude, and reflection.

To start with, I feel incredibly grateful to have just returned from a week at the Equity Estates residence in Hilton Head Island. It was amazing to have my 79-year-old mother join my wife and children for this trip. She heavily influenced my love for the beach. Boogie boards and picnic baskets were daily summer activities growing up near the south shore of Long Island. Just hearing the ocean brings back great feelings for me.

Additionally, I feel also grateful for the many successes our business has experienced over the past 18 months, including:

  1. Fund IV selling out in record time
  2. Fund V launching and breaking escrow in record time
  3. Higher than expected results for Fund I’s initial liquidations (38% higher so far)

For better or worse, the global pandemic has put an economic and lifestyle spotlight on what we’ve been doing at Equity Estates for fifteen years. It’s both humbling and rewarding to see this type of investment resonating with so many people.

Recently, we’ve been asked questions about inflation. It’s a topic dominating conversation pretty much everywhere. Industry experts can’t seem to stop talking about it. Prospective investors want to understand the impact of inflation on our business model. In what ways does it influence our residence acquisition strategy? Do we foresee it affecting potential future returns?

Real Estate is a Good Hedge Against Inflation

The bottom line is that inflation is surprisingly good news for Equity Estates investors.

Let’s start with the reality of inflation. It’s here and it seems to be growing. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged a few weeks ago that inflation pressures “are likely to last longer than previously expected,” noting that they could run “well into next year.”

See below for a few articles that I found in a quick search:

People are continuing to look for ways to diversify their holdings to ride out a possible downturn in the financial markets. Real estate has always been viewed as a good hedge against inflation. Luxury real estate, however, is proving to be a particularly attractive vehicle for those who can afford it. According to the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, the median list price for a single-family luxury home was $1,812,500 in October 2021 – a 7.5% increase over the same time last year. Compare that figure to the 6.2% increase in U.S. consumer prices over the past year as recently reported by the U.S. Labor Department. This would suggest that luxury real estate appreciation is outpacing consumer price inflation.

We honestly believe both are being under reported based on anecdotal observations.

What will happen to Fund V? Well, we won’t know for sure for another 10+ years. It is very exciting, however, to see the impact inflation is having on appreciation – it is pushing double digits in desirable luxury markets. We believe this will continue for a while thanks to both continued inflation and sustained, high demand.

Even so, I sometimes scratch my head at the astronomical prices we see for some luxury residences. Our buying strategy has had to morph to meet the new market dynamics — we know how to win competitive bids for the right homes. By the way, if you are interested in learning about our three keys to successful acquisitions in any macroeconomic climate, including this one, feel free to read my blog from March 2021 on Finding Good Buys in a Seller’s Market.

Market timing is extremely difficult when it comes to real estate. We will never be able to predict exactly what may happen. Which is precisely why our private offering’s strategy is a long-term hold of carefully selected assets. Collective asset ownership (which is what our Luxury Residence Fund model is essentially) offers diversification, a hedge against inflation, and an outstanding way to enjoy a large and expanding portfolio of $2 to $5 million homes for a fraction of buying just one of them.

Fund V is the Best Selfish Hedge Against Inflation

Hopefully, you agree with my statements that (1) inflation is here, and (2) real estate is a good hedge against it. Now let’s go one step further. I’d argue that Equity Estates Fund V is the best “selfish” hedge against inflation. Selfish in that you’ll get a ton of personal enjoyment out of this investment. Fund V investors will experience 10+ years of amazing vacations. I’m proud to be an investor in multiple funds, including Fund V. It’s been the best investment of my life thanks to the dozens and dozens of memories I’ve created with my family and friends.

For me, Thanksgiving and the holidays are a time for family, gratitude, and reflection. Join us at Equity Estates, and we’ll promise you extra helpings of memories. Then, when you reflect on your decision to become an investor, you’ll be grateful for making a deservedly selfish choice, too.

When was the last time one of your financial investments planned a luxury vacation for you?

Until next time, safe travels!

Philip Mekelburg
CEO, Equity Estates


In early 2018, Equity Estates acquired and remodeled a 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath residence in Aspen. Less than four years later, this remarkable property has experienced significant appreciation.

Aspen is a dream in so many ways. This Colorado mountain town is home to world-renowned skiing, boutique shopping, and fine dining. Condé Nast Traveler just announced that Aspen won its readers’ choice award for the Best Small City in the United States.

It has also turned out to be an ideal destination for Equity Estates.

We are excited to share with you our first Residence Highlight – the story of our Aspen home. In this download, we share before and after photos, financial details, plus a little about what attracted our team to this beautiful town.

From ski destinations to beachfront villas, Equity Estates works to curate diverse luxury residence portfolios for the enjoyment of our investors. For more information on Fund VI, please click here to schedule time with a member of our Investor Relations team. 

What matters most to our investors? For Dr. Robert Troia and Dr. Carol Drake, trust and comfort matter the most when they are considering an investment in vacations. These long-time investors in Fund I and Fund II have experienced first-hand the evolution of Equity Estates through the last decade. Dr. Troia shared that while our portfolio, our team, and our funds have grown — the service, commitment and quality of residences have never changed. “We’ve only been surprised in a good way, never a negative way.”  

Previously, they were members of a destination club that unfortunately didn’t survive the turbulent years in the early 2000s. Following that destination club’s crumble, the couple stayed in a hotel for a ski vacation, and that experience only served as a reminder of how much they enjoyed staying at private residences. They missed the luxuries, the privacy, and the comfort that just is not available in a hotel. 

Investing in Time Together 

Dr. Troia and Dr. Drake both work as full-time as ophthalmologists from their private practices in Omaha, Nebraska. As medical professionals, business owners, and parents of four grown children (and now, grandparents), they value the time spent together and on vacation. Dr. Troia shared that he appreciates how their investment with Equity Estates ensures they plan and schedule vacation time together throughout the year. Their allotted number of annual nights with Equity Estates is almost a guarantee for their family that they will plan (and enjoy) those precious vacation days.  

When their children were younger, family trips were often full of exploration and adventure. One memorable excursion was when Dr. Drake and her son took kitesurfing lessons together during a visit to the Grace Bay residence in Turks & Caicos. While Dr. Drake decided that she much preferred relaxing by the ocean, her son took such a liking to the sport that it’s now a passion.  

Family Travel Through the Years 

As their kids have grown, their family’s travel pace has changed. These days, everyone takes time to enjoy themselves together and to truly relax. Dr. Drake is especially fond of the deck in our Turks & Caicos residence because it’s the perfect place for afternoon naps following a day down by the ocean. Dr. Troia said one of his favorite things about their Equity Estates investment is that “it fits all of the stages of life.” 

Over the last decade, Dr. Troia and Dr. Drake have thought many times about purchasing a second home …but have decided against it. This is due to the worries of feeling obligated to travel to only that one location and the stress of the upkeep, maintenance, and other nuances of second home ownership. 

Looking Ahead with Equity Estates

While Fund I has begun liquidation, Dr. Troia and Dr. Drake are excited to continue their travels with Equity Estates as Fund II and Fund V investors.  

If you are considering an investment with Equity Estates, Dr. Troia encourages you to talk to current investors to learn more about their experiences. “All through these years, there’s just a consistency in the quality of staff that has never wavered, never changed. Always very responsive to what we need, and to us that’s very important and appreciated.” 



New York City is one of the world’s greatest metropolises, so it’s no surprise visitors flock to the Big Apple to experience its dynamic culture, history, excitement and adventure.  Whether it’s your first time or you’re a repeat visitor, you’ll never run out of fascinating things to do here.  

Our modern, two- and three-bedroom apartments are a perfectly situated oasis amid all the action in Midtown East. Stunning floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies allow you to soak in the city’s lively sights and sounds. We consulted our savvy Destination Manager and Local Host, Jacqueline, for some insights into how to spend three perfect days in this iconic city.  


Day One: Explore Roosevelt Island 

Roosevelt Island is an often overlooked narrow, 2-mile-long island in the East River between Manhattan and Queens.  Visitors and residents enjoy its many parks, historic sites, fabulous apartment buildings, a brand-new hotel, and a rooftop bar.  

“The best way to reach the island is by the famous red Roosevelt Island Tramway that glides across the East River and offers up fabulous unobstructed city views,” Jacqueline says. “Catch the tram at the Tramway Station on 59th Street and Second Avenue, only a one-minute walk from our apartments.” 

Once there, getting around is easy via the free Roosevelt Island Red Bus, which makes convenient stops around the island. You’ll find a plethora of events year-round, from outdoor summer movies to Fourth of July fireworks, arts festivals, Halloween celebrations, and holiday tree lighting ceremonies.  

“Just north of the park, stop in to see the ivy-covered, haunted Renwick Ruins, mid-19th century, neo-gothic ruins of the former smallpox hospital designed by James Renwick, Jr.,” Jacqueline recommends. Renwick is renowned for designing other majestic NYC structures, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Grace Church. Other notable historic sites include the Blackwell Farmhouse and the 1872 stone Lighthouse (another Renwick design).  

“When you’ve explored all the things to see here, grab a drink at the Panorama Room, a new rooftop bar and lounge with wonderful 360° city views inside the Graduate Hotel. For dinner, we’ll book you a table at the hotel’s bright, airy chef-driven restaurant, Anything At All,” Jacqueline says. 

If you prefer not to spend the entire day on Roosevelt Island, take the tram back to Manhattan. Central Park never disappoints with its many offerings to explore–discover a hidden Gothic castle, a John Lennon memorial, an enclave of thriving elm trees, one of the country’s oldest carousels, Central Park Zoo stars, and much more on a 2.5-hour guided sunset tour. Spend a classic NYC evening dining and dancing under the hanging lights at Tavern on the Green’s recently re-opened courtyard. Broadway actors wow diners with live music performances under the stars as fireflies add to the magic! 


Day Two: Visit Historic Sites

“For a quick, tasty breakfast, grab an authentic NYC bagel at Pick a Bagel, just a five-minute walk from the apartments,” Jacqueline suggests. “Then take the subway from the 59 St-Lexington Av stop down to Battery Park where you’ll board the ferry to the Statue of Liberty National Monument.” Jacqueline will make reservations well in advance to secure a spot on a morning trip over to the island. You don’t need a return reservation and can take any ferry back. “Instead of spending the extra time, money and long lines to access the pedestal, explore the grounds around the statue,” says Jacqueline. The park service offers a free audio tour, so, if you want to listen, download the free app to your phone before you leave the apartment.  

“The Ellis Island and National Museum of Immigration showcases the fascinating history and the significant role it played during immigration during the mid-19th century,” Jacqueline says. If you have any family ties to immigrants who entered the U.S. during this era, you can search the 65 million records housed at the museum’s Family History Center (or start your search online first). 

Once you’ve finished exploring this intriguing historical island, take the ferry back to Battery Park and then walk past the One World Trade Center over to Eataly NYC Downtown for lunch. This bustling marketplace offers a variety of Italian-inspired fast-casual counters, restaurants, and shops. After lunch, it is just a short walk over to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum for a 60-minute expert-led tour.  

Take the subway from Fulton St. station back to 59 St-Lexington Av stop to return to your beautiful apartment and get ready for dinner. Experience high-end Korean cuisine at Atomix, we’ll book you at  the chef’s table and enjoy dishes like veal sweetbread and strawberry gochujang or chicken and ginseng juk with sea cucumber — or indulge in delicious seafood and exquisite Italian cuisine at Marea. If you still have energy, end your evening at the historic Bemelmans Bar for Elaine’s Smokey Martini as a nightcap with live piano music surrounded by Ludwig Bemelmans’ masterpiece murals.  


Day Three: Shop the City

Jacqueline has a few suggestions for how to spend your third day in the Big Apple. “The Museum of Moving Images offers a unique look into the history, technique, art and technology of moving images in all their forms,” Jacqueline explains. “You’ll find a wide range of subjects, from 19th-century optical toys to the latest in digital art, exploring every phase of moving image production, promotion and exhibition.” The engaging, highly interactive core exhibitions and film programs from around the globe are a one-of-a-kind destination for audiences of all ages and interests.  Alternatively, if you’re seeking a different modern art experience, check out two other renowned NYC museums — The Guggenheim (the building alone is an art form) and the Museum of Modern Art 

For a more pop culture experience, consider touring NBC Studios inside the Rockefeller Center, where you can see stage sets for shows such as Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Seth Meyers and more.  If you visit during winter, you can see the famous holiday tree and ice skaters. Allow us to book the Top of the Rock tour, which whisks you 70 floors up to the indoor and outdoor observation decks. Fill your camera roll with unobstructed 360-degree views of the skyline.  

“If soaring above the city’s recognizable landmarks sounds even more appealing, then a 30-minute helicopter tour is a must,” Jacqueline says. 

“No visit to NYC is complete without a stroll through its famous shopping stores and districts! A good place to start is Bloomingdale’s, just a one-minute walk from your residence,” Jacqueline explains. “From there, continue along 59th Street to Fifth Avenue and turn left.” Legendary stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Lord & Taylor, Henri Bendel, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s, Cartier, Armani, Prada, Rolex and Versace are scattered along this bustling section between 59th and 42nd Street. Also, just a few blocks west of the apartments running parallel to Fifth Avenue lies Madison Avenue, with a series of high-end shops such as Hermès, Tom Ford, Ralph Lauren, LANVIN, Tory Burch, Missoni and more between 57th and 86th streets.  

Once you’ve shopped and hopefully not dropped, head back to your apartment and don your theater wear for a Broadway show and dinner. For a pre-dinner show, a solid choice is Joe Allen Restaurant, where it’s likely to be a little less crowded than other Theater District eateries and you can enjoy pan roasted salmon or chicken parmesan. For a post-show dinner, consider Sardi’s, a Broadway legend since 1927. 


At Home in NYC with Equity Estates 

Live like a local and call NYC home during your stay in a marvelous Equity Estates’ two- or three-bedroom luxury apartment conveniently in Midtown East. Just a quick walk to the subway and several NYC landmarks, shops, restaurants and attractions, our spacious apartments include stunning views, gourmet kitchens, private balconies, a full-time doorman, garden terrace and sundeck, fitness center and more. Enjoy resort-style concierge services combined with the privacy and convenience of your own apartment. Our professional team will ensure your visit to one of the world’s greatest cities exceeds your expectations! For more information about investing with Equity Estates, please reach out to our Investor Relations team at 404.445.8501 or tap this link to schedule a free consultation call.