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Equity Estates vs. Luxury Hotels

Equity Estates vs. Luxury Hotels

Staying at a luxury hotel has long been the default option for discerning travelers. But is it still the right choice for you? The answer really depends on how you like to travel. Where do you want to go? How many people will join? What’s your budget? How much space do you need? What are your service expectations? 

Considering these questions, we believe Equity Estates provides a great alternative to hotel stays. 

4 Differences between Equity Estates and Luxury Hotels

To start, let’s compare how Equity Estates greatly differs from staying at a luxury hotel.


1. Room for Everyone 

Traveling to a luxury hotel can create some logistical concerns for a family. For example, do you book multiple rooms and hope they can be adjoining? Or try to book a suite? Where should everyone go when it’s time to relax for a few quiet minutes?

At an Equity Estates property, you’ll have multiple bedrooms. You will enjoy happy hour in the kitchen with your family and friends without worrying about a noisy table next to you in the hotel lounge. The kids can enjoy a movie night in the living room while the adults catch up by the pool. The entire house is yours for making memories.


2. Meals Your Way 

At home with Equity Estates, you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee whenever you want, not just after the café opens. No overpriced minibar either. Our investors enjoy a kitchen stocked completely with all their favorites. Plus, we will do the grocery shopping before you arrive…without any additional markup.  

There is no longer a reason to pay for an entire breakfast buffet when your toddler only wants a scrambled egg or a small bowl of cereal. This eliminates any potential stress from dietary restrictions or special meal plans. And if you don’t feel like cooking? Don’t worry – our team will arrange for restaurant reservations or a private chef for you.  


3. The Comforts of Home

Our homes are just that, a home. Each home in our portfolio is stocked with 85 consumables – from olive oil to tin foil to bug spray to back up batteries. Our investors travel knowing exactly which condiments, toiletries, and coffee will be there. Unlike a luxury hotel, there is no need to call the front desk or make a stop at a convenience store.   

Click here to see a full list of Equity Estates consumable items in every residence. 


4. Value

Luxury hotel rooms (e.g., Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton) can easily cost $1,000+ per night. Of course, for travelers who need more than a single room, costs can stack up quickly. Now if you’d like a multi-bedroom suite during high season, be prepared to spend $3,000 to $5,000 per night. Our Fund VI investors pay about $1,067* per night for their Equity Estates stays…and have access to an entire home.  Equity Estates offers remarkable value compared to luxury hotels. 

*nightly pricing before management fees

4 Similarities between Equity Estates and Luxury Hotels

Now, let’s compare some of the ways luxury hotels stays are similar to Equity Estates.   


1. Service to Count On

Sometimes the hardest part of vacation travel is managing the logistics, research, and planning aspects of your trip. You are often on your own. Depending on the hotel, the concierge team may be truly helpful in making various arrangements on your behalf. 

Now, think of how different your trips might be with Equity Estates. No more making your own dinner reservations, no more spending the first day of your vacation grocery shopping. Leave the heavy lifting to us. We plan all of the details, we book excursions, activities, we’ll make the grocery run, and even arrange for  private chefs. So when you arrive you start vacationing immediately.   

We have dedicated Destination Managers who are experts in each location. Each of our residences also has a Local Host on site to welcome you…and who remains available for any emergency or other needs during the trip.


2. Housekeeping

Just as you would expect in any luxury hotel, daily housekeeping is provided at all Equity Estates residences, so you may maximize your time off with family and friends. Our investors appreciate that everything is spotless prior to their arrivaland stays clean during your visit.


3. Location, Location, Location

Vacations provide an incredible opportunity to explore the world. Both as an Equity Estates investor or as a luxury hotel patron, you have the chance to explore a myriad of destinations throughout the year – or keep coming back to your favorite.   

If destination diversity is important to you, Equity Estates might be the right solution. Our investors enjoy travel to dozens of residences around the globe in 25+ countries. 


4. Consistency & Quality 

When you stay at a luxury hotel, you know what you are getting. Luxury hotel brands adhere to stringent quality and service standards. Similarly, Equity Estates investors take comfort in knowing the quality of the home, the location, and the amenities will be impeccable every single time.   

To assure our rigid quality standards, Equity Estates invests an average of $250,000 in furniture, fixtures, and equipment in each of our homes. Our investors can count on high-quality mattresses and furnishings, chef-grade cookware and appliances, luxurious linens, and immaculately kept homes in the best locations. Our investors are the owners, after all, and we know they expect their homes to be perfect each visit.  

Learn more about Equity Estates

Overall, our investment model is very different than staying at luxury hotels. When evaluating which option is the best for you or your family, it’s important to consider your current travel habits, investment goals, and (most importantly) your available time for maintenance and upkeep. 

Are you looking for a consistently excellent way to vacation while making a smart decision with your money? Click here to explore all of the homes in our portfolio, download our Fund VI Investment Overview, or schedule time to connect with a member of our Investor Relations team.