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Investment That Puts the Globe at Your Fingertips

Investment That Puts the Globe at Your Fingertips

With an impressive 10+ year track record, Equity Estates is now well into our third Fund. We are targeting 10-12 additional multi-million dollar vacation homes in destinations like London, Vail, Aspen, Belize, Charleston, Maui, Palm Springs, and many more. Download the Fund III Executive Summary to discover the full list of targeted destinations.

Though you’ll be investing in Fund III’s properties, you’ll gain instant access to the destinations in Fund I and II so you can enjoy dozens of investor favorites like Hilton Head, Costa Rica, Telluride, and Hawaii.

On top of that, you can also travel to our reciprocal partners’ residences throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. In total, your investment will allow you to access private vacation residences throughout more than 25 countries.

Travel the world with loved ones and friends over the next decade, then capitalize on a divestment plan which will return first 100% of your initial contribution and then 80% of the appreciation thereafter.