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We are the best aligned model to own and enjoy a luxury portfolio of homes.

Equity Estates allows you to combine dream vacations with a smartly structured, diversified investment in real estate. When you invest with us, you get the best of both worlds.

You’ve heard of destination clubs designed for the masses, but our original equity model– now nine years running– functions vastly different than those.

We are the best aligned model to own and enjoy a luxury portfolio of homes. Here are a few reasons why:

Return on investment– We don’t succeed until you do

  • Guaranteed liquidity. This Fund is scheduled to sell its homes in ten years.
  • You benefit from a liquidation waterfall that returns 100% of your capital contribution and the lion’s share of the appreciation.
  • This means you may travel for free or get paid to travel for ten years.


We do not rent out down time in our homes

  • Our member to property ratio offers the best availability in the industry.
  • If every member used every allotted night available to them, we’d still have 153 nights vacant in each home every year!
  • Other companies receive commissions from rentals, so they choose that over you.


Predictable and reasonable annual expenses

  • We do not markup shared costs, nor do we seek profit from annual expenses.
  • At Equity Estates, our cost per night is 50% to 75% below market rental rates.
  • No surge pricing. Unlike other luxury travel clubs, resorts and villa rental schemes, there are no premiums to travel during holidays or peak times.


Financial transparency

  • Our clear and defined use of proceeds is reviewed annually in a full audit report by Top 5 firm RSM McGladrey.
  • Annual third party appraisal results are provided every year.


Fair management fees

  • Just like your other assets under management, we charge only 1%.
  • Other companies take a percent of annual expenses or rental fees, meaning they are financially rewarded for increasing expenses.
  • Equity Estates has no incentive to select higher cost landscapers and housekeepers. Quality is our number one driver.


At Equity Estates, we have a fiduciary responsibility to serve investors and have been doing so successfully since 2006.

What kind of Investment is Equity Estates?
Equity Estates is a private equity Luxury Residence Fund™ for accredited investors. Equity Estates Fund I sold out in 2012, and Fund II launched in late 2013. Equity Estates has collectively raised and effectively deployed over $75 million and delivered over 10,000 outstanding vacation experiences.

How can I learn more details about the investment?
Review our Executive Summary, contact our Investor Relations Team at 1-800-413-3340 or email us at to request more information or to set up an appointment to learn more.

With an impressive 10+ year track record, Equity Estates is now well into our third Fund. We are targeting 10-12 additional multi-million dollar vacation homes in destinations like London, Vail, Aspen, Belize, Charleston, Maui, Palm Springs, and many more. Download the Fund III Executive Summary to discover the full list of targeted destinations.

Though you’ll be investing in Fund III’s properties, you’ll gain instant access to the destinations in Fund I and II so you can enjoy dozens of investor favorites like Hilton Head, Costa Rica, Telluride, and Hawaii.

On top of that, you can also travel to our reciprocal partners’ residences throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. In total, your investment will allow you to access private vacation residences throughout more than 25 countries.

Travel the world with loved ones and friends over the next decade, then capitalize on a divestment plan which will return first 100% of your initial contribution and then 80% of the appreciation thereafter.

Stop paying premiums for hotels and rentals, only to never see that money again. Invest where you play– in a portfolio of luxury vacation homes around the globe.

Still paying full price for vacation homes on the rental market? 

Equity Estates’ costs are 50-75% below market value– and you own the homes.

Still arriving at your vacation home only to be disappointed with how it looks in person?

The residences in our portfolio are valued between $2-$4 million, located in the most desirable destinations and meet Equity Estates’ extremely high standards. Never roll the dice on quality again.

Still throwing money away on hotels or rentals?

Have an equity stake in an impressive portfolio of vacation homes. Enjoy your portfolio of homes for 10 years, then get 80% of the profits after 100% of your initial contribution is returned.

Still investing in boring stocks and bonds?

Invest in something you’re passionate about. Invest in travel, new experiences and time with loved ones. Invest where you play! 

We will be acquiring five additional residences this year– participate in our short real estate survey to help us decide what destinations to add to our portfolio.

Ready to start investing where you play?

Download our Executive Summary and learn more about our model.

*Equity Estates is an equity destination club heading into its tenth year. This vacation home alternative is for accredited investors, offered via private placement.  A globetrotter’s dream with more than 60 private luxury residences spanning more than 25 countries, Equity Estates’ mission is to deliver measurable and memorable returns. Equity Estates Fund I sold out in 2012, and Fund II will sell out by the end of 2016. Equity Estates has collectively raised and effectively deployed over $75 million and delivered over 10,000 outstanding vacation experiences. Equity Estate’s unique model could allow investors to travel for free for 10 years or get paid to travel.