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Where Outstanding Vacations Meet Smart Investments

Where Outstanding Vacations Meet Smart Investments

We are the best model to own and enjoy a luxury portfolio of homes.

Equity Estates allows you to combine dream vacations with a smartly structured, diversified investment in real estate. You get the best of all worlds.

We invest only in luxury real estate, a great hedge against inflation, and, historically, a safe haven from fluctuations in the stock market. When the markets rise and fall, we look for buying opportunities.

We provide privileged access to a global portfolio of luxury vacation homes with pre-trip planning, concierge services, and daily housekeeping during your stay. Vacationing with us is hassle-free.

Top Five Reasons to Consider Equity Estates

  1. Return on investment– We don’t succeed until you do
  • Guaranteed liquidity. All Funds are scheduled to begin divesting their homes ten years after the Fund closes.
  • After ten years, when we begin to divest the real estate assets for each Fund, we won’t make any profit until our investors do first.
  • You benefit from a liquidation waterfall that returns 100% of your capital contribution first, and then 80% of the appreciation thereafter.
  • It’s conceivable that when all is said and done, the profits from this investment may cover all your travel expenses for the last ten years, and then some!
  1. An investor-friendly usage model
  • Our member to property ratio offers the best availability in the industry.
  • If every member used every allotted night available to them, we’d still have 153 nights vacant in each home every year.
  • This model allows our investors to make last-minute travel plans or reserve a year in advance and always have a good chance of getting their choice of Equity Estates’ portfolio homes.
  1. Predictable and reasonable annual expenses
  • We do not markup shared costs, nor do we seek to profit from annual expenses.
  • With Equity Estates, your cost per night is 50% to 75% below market rental rates.
  • No surge pricing. Unlike other luxury travel clubs, resorts and villa rental schemes, there are no premiums to travel during holidays or peak times.
  1. Financial transparency
  • Our clear and defined use of proceeds is reviewed annually in a full audit report by Top Five firm, RSM US.
  • Annual, third-party appraisals are provided to Fund investors every year.
  1. Fair management fees
  • We charge only 1%, Just like your other assets under management.
  • Other companies take a percent of annual expenses or rental fees, meaning they are financially rewarded for increasing expenses.
  • Equity Estates has no incentive to select higher-cost landscapers and housekeepers. Quality is our number one driver.


At Equity Estates, we have a fiduciary responsibility to serve investors and have been doing so with great success since 2006.

About Equity Estates

Equity Estates is a Luxury Residence Fund now in its 14th successful year. This vacation home alternative is for accredited investors via private placement and offers the ability to own and enjoy luxury real estate.

A globetrotter’s dream with dozens of residences spanning more than 25 countries, Equity Estates’ mission is to deliver measurable returns on investment and memorable returns on life. Equity Estates Fund I sold out in 2012, Fund II sold out in 2016, and Fund III sold out in October of 2019. Equity Estates has collectively raised and effectively deployed more than $125 million and delivered more than 14,000 outstanding vacation experiences.

How can I learn more details about the investment?
Review the Equity Estates Fund IV Executive Summary by contacting our Investor Relations Team at 404.445.8501 or email us at