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Investor Spotlight: Nick and Nicole Maroutsos

Investor Spotlight: Nick and Nicole Maroutsos

The Maroutsos family craves adventure – and Equity Estates delivers just that. The family of five currently resides in Southern California, but they spent more than seven years living in Sydney, Australia. Nick Maroutsos shared with us that during their time in Sydney, his family caught the travel bug and furthered their passions to learning about new cultures and areas.

When the Maroutsos family returned to the states, Nick and his wife Nicole wanted to keep up their traveling, but as their three kids were growing older, the family started to realize how much of a hassle it was to stay in a hotel. Do you book two rooms? What happens when your toddler isn’t hungry, and you need to pay for the whole breakfast buffet just for them to have a piece of toast? The struggles like these motivated Nick and his family to explore other vacation alternatives, and that’s when a friend of theirs introduced them to Equity Estates.

Investing in Time Together

Since they initially invested in 2015, their kids have grown up and are now ages 15, 13, and 10. More than ever, the family appreciates the time together for dedicated travel each year. Nick confided he was initially concerned about being able to use all his included Equity Estates nights. As it turns out, there hasn’t been a year when they didn’t have to purchase extra additional access. From a special anniversary in Napa to milestone birthdays in Cabo – Equity Estates has been a part of their family’s most cherished memories.

One reason why the Maroutsos family has been able to utilize all their nights (and more) is because traveling with Equity Estates reduces the mental stress of planning all the logistics. “It’s the ability to free your mind of the administrative components of booking, getting there, navigating the house. It’s having someone there to greet you.” They appreciate the level of comfortability when traveling to one of our residences because they, “just know it will be great” and appreciate knowing that they will have staff on hand if anything comes up. They particularly love visiting our home in Puerto Los Cabos. It’s only a few hours between their California home and a pool side drink and they typically visit the residence a few times a year.

Favorite Portfolio Residences

The most underrated residence in our portfolio? “We’ve never been disappointed in any of the ski houses, but Las Catalinas, Costa Rica never seems to get the attention that it deserves. That home will always hold a special place in our hearts.” From the Maroutsos’ family perspective, though, Las Catalinas can be summarized in that this beautiful hillside community allows you to be immediately immersed in Costa Rica in a very safe area with no shortage of amenities and activities to do together. (For more information on this residence, check out our recent Residence Highlight.)

As their kids are getting older and more involved in sports and other activities, locking down travel schedules is getting more complicated. Nick and Nicole are very aware that the time together is fleeting. They love how Equity Estates is helping their family maximize memories together during these formative years in their children’s life. Next up? The whole family is looking forward to spending Independence Day in Park City.