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Three Perfect Days in Napa Valley

Three Perfect Days in Napa Valley

Editor’s Note: The entire Calistoga Ranch property was tragically destroyed by the Glass Fire in October 2020. Equity Estates has since acquired a new Napa Valley residence that’s only 15 minutes away. 

Dreams of a trip to Napa Valley, California conjure up visions of hillside vineyards that dot the landscape, private wine-tastings from the cool confines of an underground cave, and regional gourmet food prepared by renowned chefs. Equity Estates’ homes at Calistoga Ranch put you in the center of these unforgettable experiences.

We interviewed Kaitlyn, Destination Manager for Napa, to create a perfect three-day itinerary. She generally begins with a few important questions for the guests to understand what they’re thinking before adding her thoughts. Read on to explore her itinerary for Three Perfect Days in Napa Valley.

Equity Estates Residence in Calistoga Ranch

Day One: Arrive on Resort and Get Started

Our bungalows in Napa Valley are just off the Silverado Trail in Calistoga, California and are managed by Auberge Resorts. Calistoga Ranch offers an atmosphere of casual sophistication enhanced by exceptional, personalized service. Our investors enjoy access to an array of amenities from the celebrated spa to the exclusive Vintner Member Program.

After you arrive and settle in, “We have an excellent partner who will come to the residence before dinner and sample wines from area vineyards.” Says Kait, “In addition, I’ll make reservations for dinner out, so our guests don’t have to prepare something their very first night on vacation. There are some really nice choices close by, including The Lakehouse, which is onsite at Calistoga Ranch.”

Day Two: Wine Tasting Tours

There are more than 800 wineries in Napa. So, whenever we’re making recommendations, we need to ensure the logistics work to travel from one place to the next without spending too much time in the car. “Tastings begin around 10 a.m., and I plan for no more than three separate sittings to fill up the day. After the 10 a.m. reservation, we schedule a noon tasting with lunch, then a 2 or 3:30 p.m. visit to wrap up the afternoon,” she notes, “I also hire a limousine for the day, so they can fully enjoy the experience of each winery.”

September through October is “Crush” season for Napa and is typically the busiest time of the year. Some say it’s the most beautiful time of year as well, with the warmer summer months giving way to cooler fall weather. If you’re traveling during the busy season, Kait will reach out to you a few months in advance to curate your itinerary and ensure you get into the best wineries in the valley.

Day Three: More Local Fun, then Relaxing Poolside

If you’re an early riser, reserve a hot air balloon ride that lifts off at 7 a.m. sharp. From there you can enjoy a local olive oil tasting and a visit to an art gallery or two. We can schedule lunch at that winery you’ve been longing to visit, then you’ll return to Calistoga Ranch to relax poolside until dinner. “The French Laundry may be the most storied restaurant in the area, so investors will need to make reservations firsthand, long before their arrival,” she says. “Plus, there are a handful of alternative farm-to-table eateries that are sure to put a smile on your face. I’m delighted to recommend them as well.”

Your visit to Napa Valley with Equity Estates can be anything and everything you’ve dreamed about. If you are an investor with Equity Estates, contact your Personal Travel Concierge to learn more about your Napa Valley vacation.

If you would like more information about investing with Equity Estates, please reach out to our Investor Relations team at 404.445.8501 or tap this link to schedule a call.