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Destination Managers: Your Dedicated Experts To Build Perfect Itineraries

Destination Managers: Your Dedicated Experts To Build Perfect Itineraries

When it comes to assuring exceptional experiences, our Destination Manager team takes pride in being able to deliver personal, attentive service. And for Chelsea Lanahan, Senior Destination Manager for several of our iconic tropical residences, this includes while our investors are planning their vacation, during their entire trip, and even after the depart for home and start planning their next Equity Escapes vacation.

“To us, the whole point is that every single trip is a once-in-a-lifetime experience,” says Chelsea. “Whether it’s planned long in advance or for a last-minute escape.”

“Each of our DMs have what I like to call the ‘Golden Rolodex’ of amazing partners—from exceptional chefs to local outfitters like yacht charters, fishing captains, and even area musicians willing to do private shows at our homes,” she adds.

Pre-planning calls serve as the opportunity to understand the goals of the trip, who will be attending, what special milestones or events might be happening. “And, of course, the overall vibe of the vacation,” says Chelsea. “Is it a milestone family celebration, an escape with friends to relax, or a family adventure filled with once-in-a-lifetime experiences the family will remember forever?”

Helping clarify goals in advance means the DM team can assure everything is perfectly in place when the party arrives. “Then our team serves as the onsite phone-a-friend’ for anything they may need—from hard-to-get restaurant reservations to a quiver of rental surfboards and a local instructor,” she says, adding, “It’s equal parts thoughtful planning and surprise and delight!”

Asked for an example, she fondly remembers a family reunion on the Isle of Palms. “We had people coming from both coasts,” Chelsea remembers. “Our team produced an authentic low-country seafood feast with fresh caught local fish, shrimp and crabs. It was an amazing summer day. We had an acoustic guitarist that played long into the night.”

“On our vacations, meals always seem turn into more than just meals. It’s a chance for people to gather, recount the day, celebrate together over exceptional local food and service,” she says.

Any last pieces of advice? “Check out our Punta Cana residence. Jump in one of the home’s golf carts and head to La Yola at the marina and order the Ginger Soy Seabass. You’ll go home dreaming about it.”