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Personal Travel Concierges: Your dedicated contacts for VIP service

Personal Travel Concierges: Your dedicated contacts for VIP service

One of the things that sets Equity Estates apart is the level of service provided by our PTC team. And for Katie Meirose, Senior PTC Account Manager, that commitment to service is everything. With years of experience in the hospitality industry and 2.5 years with Equity Estates, she brings enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge to her role, with a focus on helping each investor create the vacations of their dreams.

“My goal is to keep everyone happy, informed, and traveling,” she says with a smile.

As the only person on the PTC team concentrating solely on accounts, Katie’s responsibilities are expansive. She assists with onboarding for new investors, handles the majority of investor orientations, and also continues to work closely with each new account for the first couple of years to make sure they get the most out of their investment.

“I do my best to customize every account from the beginning,” she explains. “I enjoy getting to know each investor and learning about their interests so that we can best cater every trip for them. The more info we have ahead of time, the easier it is to plan and personalize their amazing vacations.”

Katie’s organizational skills are also put to work behind the scenes with CRM, helping to improve processes and systems for both investors and colleagues.

In fact, one of her favorite parts of the job is providing tips and tricks to investors for using the Equity Estates system to meet their particular travel needs.

“It makes me smile when I see the virtual lightbulb go off — ‘I understand it now! Thank you!’ — I feel like I’ve accomplished something when I can help people understand and make use of the systems we have in place.”

To Katie and the PTC team, customer service means identifying investors’ needs, anticipating their wants, and doing their best to tap into emotions.

“We have the opportunity to help curate large and small family vacations, creating a lifetime of memories for our investors. All of these trips should be special, so I like to envision each investor account as if they were my own family.”

For travel advice, Katie points out that, while everyone wants vacations to be 100% perfect, there may sometimes be unavoidable hiccups (like weather or flight delays). Still, preparation is key. “Plan ahead! It’s the best way to ensure your trip goes smoothly. Dig down into the details with your PTC so that we can get items and reservations confirmed early and make your vacation as stress-free as possible.”