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Travel Concierges: Your dedicated contacts for VIP service

Travel Concierges: Your dedicated contacts for VIP service

One of the things that sets Equity Estates apart is the level of service provided by the company’s dedicated Travel Concierges. And for our Brittany Confer, the Manager of Member Services, that commitment to service is everything. With years of experience in the hospitality and event planning industries, she brings a love of travel and a wealth of knowledge to her role, along with a commitment to making sure that every investor has the tools and assistance they need to create the vacations of their dreams.

“My number one goal is to ensure that everyone is happy, informed, and excited about traveling with us,” she says.

As head of the Member Services team, Brittany’s responsibilities are expansive. She’s involved in the training, management, and overall care of the team, and works closely with the Travel Concierges, Account Managers, and Residence Managers on a daily basis to assist with anything that might come up. She’s also in charge of supervising the individuals and companies that take care of Equity Estates’ investment homes in each destination, overseeing everything from housekeeping, contractors, and local hosts to property management and residence expenses.

“I’m definitely a people-pleaser,” she smiles, “and I love to see a trip go from start to finish, knowing we’re providing a wonderful experience for the guests who are traveling. Getting feedback after the trip about how great it was and how much fun they had just makes my day. I also enjoy collaborating with all of our Travel Concierges, Account Managers, Local Hosts, and Residence Managers to bring those amazing travel experiences to life.”

On the investor side, Brittany provides personalized, high-quality account management for the investors that she works with so that they understand how to best use company resources to meet their travel needs and make the most of their investment. She also leads new investor orientations and answers questions about policies and procedures, lotteries, homes, and destinations. And she continues to curate outstanding vacation experiences for investors traveling to the London residence or to any of the Reciprocal Partner homes — assisting with travel planning, making and managing reservations, and creating fun, customized itineraries.

“My role is both player and coach,” she explains. “Within the four key areas that I’m responsible for at Equity Estates, I not only get to support and manage an incredible team of people, I’m also able to work hands-on with some of our investors, which I really enjoy.”

In fact, working directly with the investors on their vacation plans and seeing how excited they are about their planned activities and itineraries is one of Brittany’s favorite parts of the job.

To Brittany, great customer service means always prioritizing and meeting your clients’ needs and making each investor happy to the best of your ability. “Customer service starts with effective communication,” she points out. “You have to be quick to problem-solve, be patient and empathetic, and pay close attention to details, all while keeping a positive attitude and a smile on your face, something I think our Travel Concierges and the rest of the Member Services team do really well.”

When asked for her favorite piece of travel advice, Brittany recommends planning early, starting with an initial phone or video call with your Travel Concierge and Residence Manager to get the ball rolling.

“It really makes a huge difference to get on the phone to discuss your needs and requests for the trip, and the sooner the better! Not only will your Travel Concierge and Residence Manager be able to paint a better picture of the home and destination for you, they’ll also be a huge help in setting expectations for the trip. Having that conversation at the start can prevent so much confusion with travel plans and cut back on the number of emails needed as you get further into the decision-making process, so you can leave for your vacation knowing that everything is taken care of.”