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Local Hosts: Your Local Partners for Perfect Vacations

Local Hosts: Your Local Partners for Perfect Vacations

With years of experience in hospitality and the luxury travel industry and a commitment to providing friendly, personalized service, Carlie Knauer, local host for Vail, Colorado is a natural fit for our Equity Estates team. Since joining us as the local host for our Vail residences in September 2022, she’s worked closely with our DMs and PTCs to make sure every investor is well taken care of when visiting this Colorado resort town.

Local hosts are the indispensable experts on the ground in all of our vacation destinations. From arrival to departure, they are there to assist with any concerns or special requests that come up and also share off-the-beaten-path recommendations for everything from date-night restaurants and local hangouts, to family-friendly activities and outdoor adventures.

In Vail, Carlie (like all of our local hosts) provides personalized grocery service prior to guests arrival, ensuring the kitchen is stocked with favorite foods and vacation essentials — including alcohol, if requested. She makes sure the residence is perfect and welcoming, and is there to greet you and show you around the home, answering any questions you have. Once settled in, she’s available any time during your stay to assist with dining and activity reservations or help with anything else that’s needed.

“I love to meet the guests and work closely with them while in-residence,” she says, adding “Most are looking for the ‘locals’ view and the town’s hidden gems. I’m always happy to provide ideas or recommendations that the average tourist may not know about.”

Carlie’s enthusiasm is evident when you talk to her, and she admits the best part of the job is seeing how excited everyone is about the Equity Estates homes and the beauty of Vail, especially if it’s their first time visiting.

“Some have never been here before and are eager to get out and explore, regardless of season,” she says. “Most people think of Vail as a ski destination, which it is, but summer and fall are stunning, and there’s so much to do. Both locals and visitors enjoy being outdoors here, hiking, skiing, shopping, biking, or just dining on a patio. It’s hard to stay inside!”

For anyone planning a Vail vacation, Carlie has advice: “First, know that the two Equity Estates homes here are very different. Both are amazing, but offer different experiences. Investors should talk to the DM about that, so they can guide them to the best fit for what they’re looking for,” she recommends.

Second, whenever you visit, bring layers! “The weather in Colorado can be unpredictable, and although we have sunshine nearly every day, when the sun goes down it can be chilly.”

“Finally,” she adds, “be sure to make plans in advance, especially in winter. Vail can be busy and reservations hard to come by without planning ahead.”