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Housekeeping: Making Every Stay Comfortable

Housekeeping: Making Every Stay Comfortable

As a local host and head of housekeeping for our Thompson Cove home in Turks and Caicos, Jona Zuniga is no stranger to providing excellent service and personalized care for Equity Estates investors.

Though her main responsibilities include overseeing the housekeeping crew, coordinating arrivals and departures, and ensuring that everything within the residence is well-maintained and in excellent condition, Jona’s ultimate goal is for every guest to have a comfortable and unforgettable stay. In fact, interacting with the Equity Estates investors and making sure everyone has a wonderful experience is her favorite part of the job.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to see the guests enjoying their vacation and knowing that we played a part in creating happy memories,” she says.


Personalized welcome
While vacation plans are arranged with the PTC prior to each trip, Jona handles many of the in-person details herself, from managing the larger housekeeping projects to assisting her team in providing the smaller, cozy touches that our investors love. Some of those special touches include cold towels upon arrival, personalized welcome amenities, and making sure the villa is stocked with essentials so that every guest feels right at home.

She’s also on-hand throughout each trip to help with local recommendations, transportation, excursions, and reservations, if needed.



“We work closely with guests during their stay,” Jona explains, “respecting their privacy, but also available to address concerns or assist with any special requests they may have, including scheduling regular housekeeping visits if that’s something they’d like. We aim to strike a balance between being attentive and ensuring the guests have space to enjoy their vacation.”

A resident of Turks and Caicos for 14 years, Jona is quick to point out that the island has a lot to offer, though the things she loves best are the pristine beaches with clear turquoise water and vibrant marine life, the warm and welcoming community, and the laid-back island lifestyle.

“It truly is a tropical paradise with a unique charm,” she smiles.

Jona also takes pride in her team’s sustainability efforts and commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the island. In their work, they strive to minimize environmental impact by implementing eco-friendly practices. They also support local initiatives and businesses that contribute to the community’s well-being.

For investors, Jona’s advice is to take full advantage of the island’s local experiences and attractions. “Turks and Caicos offers a wide range of activities, from water sports and boat trips to exploring the island’s cultural heritage. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations and, most importantly, relax and enjoy the beauty of the island while we take care of the rest.”